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Hello Bargello is my greatest passion, a brand I created in 2018 dedicated to reviving the vintage needlecraft of bargello. Once popular in the 60's and 70's, bargello fell into obscurity and has become virtually unknown in the contemporary crafts landscape.

I became interested in this forgotten craft after discovering it while browsing vintage crafts books. I began teaching the technique and sharing it on social media, and the response was off the charts, to put it mildly! It seemed that everyone wanted to learn more about bargello, but like me, they soon discovered that there were virtually no modern resources for bargello patterns, education, or supplies. 

And so I saw a need to save bargello from obscurity and introduce it to a new generation of modern makers! Hello Bargello offers stylish bargello patterns, easy-to-access supplies, and tons of education and inspiration. When Hello Bargello launched, it was the first and only online resource for bargello instruction, and the only company offering bargello patterns (today, a few years in, lots more bargello can be found online, thanks to the trend we started!).

I work from vintage resources to adapt and modernize out-of-print patterns for today's crafters. It is my goal to create a thorough contemporary resource of classic bargello patterns, to save them from extinction and help drive the resurgence of this super cool craft.

I'm proud to say that since launching Hello Bargello in the fall of 2018, the response has been epic. Our social media following has skyrocketed and thousands of bargello enthusiasts have joined our modern bargello community.

Follow Hello Bargello on Instagram here

Click here to read a profile of Hello Bargello on the Craft Industry Alliance blog.

Tap the button below to visit the Hello Bargello website to browse and learn more! 

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