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I'm the founder and co-owner of Brooklyn Craft Company, a modern craft store located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.


Brooklyn Craft Company features a curated supply of fabric, yarn, weaving, needlework, and other fiber crafts supplies, as well as a full schedule of workshops dedicated to making sewing and crafting fun and accessible for young urban types.

We're known for our all-pink storefront, our neon "CRAFTS CRAFTS CRAFTS" sign, and our classes and merchandise that are always on point with the latest trends. We boast a robust customer base of young urban professionals who have a hunger to learn how to sew, knit, and more. Many of our customers refer to Brooklyn Craft Company as "their happy place," and we could not possibly love that more. 

I was inspired to start this business after hearing from so many folks here in Brooklyn who told me that they wanted to learn more creative skills but didn't know where to start. "That's crazy," I thought. "I have to get these people some crafts!" And so Brooklyn Craft Company was born. 

Check out Brooklyn Craft Company on Instagram here.

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