recent vintage find: ladybowl

I’m completely in love with this this glamorous little lady, who I snatched up recently at a vintage store in the East Village. She’s a fruit bowl, or a candy dish, or a chip dish—whatever you’ve got, she’s happy to hold it for you—and look smashing while doing it.

Who knew a bowl could be so sexy? (Even if she was previously decapitated, that’s not crimping her style!)

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  • Miss Makes-a-lot

    this is fabulous! i'm sure she's held more than a few goodies in her lifetime..sweet find! :D

  • angie

    She is great! Maybe she just needs a tiny little chiffon scarf around her formerly severed neck? hehe

  • Ruby

    SO glad I found your blog and I'm lovin on this lady dish!
    P.S. It's so funny that I stumbled onto your blog because I watch your PBS show sometimes, it's on here at like 10p on Sunday nights or something, but I watch it even though I know nothing about knitting or crocheting and still enjoy it. I loved the one about man-crocheting!

  • Brett Bara

    thanks all!

    Chiffon scarf = brilliant!!

    Ruby, thanks for watching – I love that you're into the show without even being a knitter or crocheter!


  • regina

    wow!! incredible!!!

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