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I thought I’d share some great DIY ideas I’ve come across recently on Pinterest. So many ideas, so little time! Here goes:
Wrap Japanese washi tape around simple candies for instant adorableness! (I recently went on a washi splurge at and I do not regret it. Washi tape is like fancy stickers for grown-ups. And by grown-ups I mean those of us who act like eight-year-olds.)

Love this for large-scale, cheap DIY art. Just paint a bunch of canvasses white, add some stripes (heck, maybe with the washi tape you just bought), and you’re done. Classy!

This is a toy horse spray-painted glossy white! What what! How can it look so good? I want to spray-paint a whole menagerie for my credenza. Then maybe cover them in glitter too. (DIY for the white horse shown here at DreamGreenDIY.)

More easy large-scale artwork. Just make some big circles on the wall and paint them in. Love it.

How cute would these be for small holiday gifts, party favors, or just party treats? Just fill plastic spoons with tempered chocolate then arrange pretty candies on top. I love this so much. Just picking out the candies alone would be so fun. (from DeliciousDeliciousDelicious)

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  • Lisa K

    The washi candies and candy spoons are such adorable ideas! Thanks for the inspiration:)
    I do have a pintrest account but I accidentally on purpose lost my password. I have so much I need to do and nothing would get done if I spent my time drooling over all of the fabulous-ness!

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