Brett Bara is the host of the Emmy-nominated PBS television series Knit and Crochet Now, as well as a media spokesperson for clients and charitable causes, including  the 2010 Land’s End and Warm Up America FeelGood campaign. She specializes in how-to demonstrations for crafts, do-it-yourself projects and food, and is experienced in live or recorded television, radio, webcasts and web videos. Brett has appeared on The Martha Stewart Show, The CBS Early Show, ShopNBC, and numerous local network affiliates. She has been featured as a craft expert on, ABCNews,com, The Associated Press and

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  • lindastoutenger

    when and where is your show i miss you you we reon 24 in syracse ny i lost you

  • Lori Czarnecki

    I agree! I am in Milwaukee, you were on PBS here, and now you are gone! I love your show!

    • Robin

      Hey Lori, I’m in Milwaukee too. I sent an email to Milwaukee Public Television to find out whether they were going to air the new season and when. They replied they had no plans to, but they would pass my request on to the programmers. So, I say you should drop them a line too as well as anyone else you know in Milwaukee who likes the show. Let ‘em know we want our Knit & Crochet Now! :)

  • Jeannie B

    Yes, me too. Brett, where are you????? I watch Rocky Mountain PBS in Colorado Springs, CO and the first 3 seasons are repeating periodically. Is there a new season worth of shows coming soon? Please say that is so.
    The episodes are my favorite departure from reality…Thanks. JeannieB

  • LaVonia Diggs

    Hello. I watched a Knit and Crochet Now episode this weekend and realized that it was in regards to a pattern I have in one of the Knit and Crochet Today magazines I have and I’ve been wanting to try it out. On the episode featuring the pattern, Crazy Lazy Days of Summer, episode 204 I believe, Brett stated that she was changing the pattern a bit to include buttons and fabric. I was just wondering if Brett ever publicized the pattern for the changes? I am very interested in how it looked and if possible, how to make it myself.

    Thank you,

    A now and again crocheter/knitter.

  • Rose Kater

    Sometime during the week of 11/14 at the end of each show an afghan square with different stictches were
    shown. I tried to find the one for the knitted daisy stitch. If possible could this be emailed to me. I try to
    watch your show every morning, but failed to write down these instructions. I would truly appreciate your
    assistance and response for this stitch pattern.

    Thank you so much.

    Rose Kater

    • Brett

      hi Rose – all the patterns for the afghan squares can be found on the TV show web site, Thanks for watching and good luck with your projects!!

  • jeanette hall

    i love now the show-knit chohet today. the show comes on here in chattanooga is a good show, the show helps me to ease my mind in the trouble times we live in. winter time is allways the best time to knit. i like to thank brett bara and the whole staff for a good show that comes on. again thank you-jeanette

  • Phyllis L. Gray

    Ms. Bera,

    I love your show so much. I am in Indianapolis and watch your show on the Create Channel for PBS. I found videos of past shows at the library, but it’s so wonderful to see you on TV. I hoped you were doing OK and in good health (most of what I am watch on the Create Channel are older shows). I knit and crochet, and used to sew as a child. You make me feel it’s OK to be addicted to “yarning” as my husband calls it. Thanks so much for still being accessible. Thanks for sharing your love of crafting with those of us who feel we need to justify or defend the craving and desire to sit for hours and hours with needle and fiber.

  • Harriett Brunke

    You did a sweater on your T.V. show on 2/ 19/12 it was a simple sweater it was purple

  • Melanie Boyd

    I love Knit and Crochet Now. I really want to get the patterns from season 4 that just started aring. I have looked on the website and it only has up to season 3. Do you know when season 4 will be available?

    • Brett

      hi Melanie! Thanks for watching! I’m not in the loop on when the patterns will be posted on the site; your best bet is to email your question through the tv show site, thanks! xo Brett

      • Helen


        I made the square you called “tile pattern” and created my own finish, if you could just email me the way you finished it I would really appreciate it.


        • Brett

          hi Helen – so sorry but I don’t have access to pattern info from the TV show – your best bet would be to check the web site and look for instructions there, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for you can email your question through the tv show website and someone there will get back to you. Sorry that I can’t be of more help – good luck with your project and thanks for watching! xo Brett

  • Marsha

    I’ve been watching season 4 on Detroit PBS main channel but sadly cannot find the patterns and hints on the website. I have the afghan square patterns but I can find any mention anywhere about season 4patterns and tips.

    • Brett

      hi Marsha! Thanks for watching! I’m not in the loop on when the patterns will be posted on the site; your best bet is to email your question through the tv show site, thanks! xo Brett

  • Sandy

    Hi Brett,

    I love your show, but here in the Philly area on Create-TV, Season 4 has not aired. I checked their website. Do you know when it will be back?

    Take care,

  • Kim

    Knit and crochet now season 4 is airing now on channel 56 in Detroit, MI. However season 4 patterns are NOT on the web site. When can viewers expect to get patterns for square of the week?

    • Brett

      hi Kim, I’m so sorry but I’m not in the loop on when the patterns will be posted to the site. Your best bet is to email your question through http://www.knitandcrochetnow, and the producers will get back to you. Thanks for watching! xo Brett