win the fabric to make the Sewing Straight cover skirt!

Hello, stitchy people! My, how time flies – today is the last stop on my worldwide blog tour for Sewing in a Straight Line! For the past four weeks I’ve been zipping all over the internet visiting with all my favorite crafty people – it’s been so great trading posts with everyone and I sincerely want to thank all my fellow bloggers for their support, my wonderful sponsors for their generous giveaways, and all of you readers for stopping by every day and sharing in the fun. The sidebar on the right has links to all my blog tour stops, so be sure to check out all those fantastic blogs if you haven’t already. (I’ll be announcing all the contest winners on Monday, so be on the lookout for that.)

For today’s final stop, I’m visiting with a blog that I love love love – True Up. Created by the lovely Kim, True Up is a blog that’s all about fabric, all the time. If a new fabric hits the stores, if a cool designer launches a new line, if there’s a great fabric sale somewhere – Kim is on it, and she shares it all on True Up – with tons of fabric images to boot. Simply put, if you’re a fabric lover, True Up is THE place to get your fix. So head on over there to see what Kim has to say about Sewing in a Straight Line, and to check out all her inspiring content. Thanks for being part of my blog tour, Kim!

For today’s giveaway, I’m sharing the fabric I used to make the cover skirt on my book! It’s a bright yellow cotton twill purchased at the legendary Mood Fabrics in NYC. So you can make your very own skirt just like the cover project! (Sorry, buttons not included, unfortunately I don’t have any of those left to share.) I’m also giving away a signed copy of my book and an 18-spool set of Coats Dual Duty Thread. To enter to win, leave a comment on this post and tell me who you’d make this skirt for! THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED

Even though my blog tour officially ends tomorrow, the sewing fun isn’t over on this here blog. Starting next week I’ll be sharing more in-depth posts about my book projects, including video how-to’s for some of the techniques, tips to help you complete projects successfully, and more fabric & book giveaways. I’ve got some jiggly Jello posts in the hopper too, as well as some fun DIY decorating projects — so I hope to see you there!

xoxo Brett

PS: My grand prize contest ends tonight at 11:59pm, so enter today to win a Singer sewing machine and serger!!

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  • Amy

    Oh, I’d SOOOO make that for myself! I’ve been making so much stuff for other people lately, it’s time for ME! ;)

  • Catlyn

    Id have to be selfish on this one, and make the skirt for me! :) Iv never made a skirt before and this one is just the cutest!

  • Lela

    my sister :)

  • Laura Martin

    I’m pretty sure that would have to be made for my sister. And then I’d make one for me too :)

  • Elisa B.

    I think I’m going to have to be selfish and say me. I am in need a bright, spiffy skirt for work. :)

  • Jessica

    Me! Too cute!

  • Judith

    I think that I would make one for my daughter and then me.

  • worldknits

    I would make it for me and already have a great top to match with it. Love the bright yellow color

  • Seana

    Why lie, I’d make that for me first. Super cute! Then maybe I’d make it for a friend who commented on it cause sometimes its hard to find a person who appreciates the time that goes into handmade items.

  • Deirdre

    SO cute! Those buttons really make it, too!!! Definitely for myself. Yellow is a great, bright fall color.

  • Amy

    I’d be selfish and make this skirt for myself – I am in need of some new ones! :)

  • Sandy

    Oh, I would definitely make the skirt for myself!

  • Kallie

    I would definitely make it for me! I am an intern this semester and really need some fabulous skirts for the classroom!!

  • Emily

    I’d make it for myself- it’s my ideal skirt cut and color! Then… I’d make a second one if another color for one of my sisters!

  • Sarah

    myself– in a fun fall fabric!!

  • Michele

    I would make it for myself. I have a hard time finding skirts I like, so making my own is on my list of things to sew!

  • Jennifer W

    one of my little nieces probably!

  • Angie

    I’d definitely make that skirt for myself!

  • Andrea Zimmerman

    Considering I just lost a bunch of weight and none of my clothes fit, I’d have to make the skirt for me :-)

  • Vidya

    oohhh…that’s such a pretty color. I’ll definitely have to make a skirt for me. I have been sewing clothes for my daughter and around the house but never for me. I think this will be a perfect 1st project for me.

    Thank you Brett for all your giveaways and best of luck for your book!

  • http://yarnjulepsontheveranda nancy

    LOVE the skirt but don’t wear them that short anymore…I’d have to make it for my 24 year old daughter, who DOES wear that length well:)

  • Debbie C.

    I’d make it for myself!! :) Thanks for the nice giveaway!

  • AnnaPK

    Me of course!! :) I have just started sewing for myself and it is kind of addicting!

  • Julie

    I’d make it for my mom! When I was a kid, she sewed all our clothes and always wished I’d take an interest in sewing and the other dozens of crafts she loved, but I didn’t until long after I’d grown up and moved away. I have photos of me as a kid wearing the cutest handmade dresses. Now maybe I can return the favor! I’ve had my sewing machine for 3 weeks, and I’m just now feeling comfortable with just the thought of making garments for other people, and your book from the library is in hand so I’ll know what to do. =)

  • Halliday

    I’d make that for me! I love skirts!

  • Jessie V

    I would definitely make this skirt for myself!!

  • Amber P

    It is so difficult to make clothes for other people. I would have to be really good before I would even consider it. So this would have to be for me. I am going through a yellow phase too so that fabric is perfect. Love it!

  • Amy W

    Oh my goodness, this is crazy! My BFF was just saying that she would love for me to make that exact skirt for her for her bridal shower! I would be the best MOH ever if I won this set!

  • Mia

    I would make this for my wonderful friend Em, who just finished business school and I haven’t bought a graduation gift for yet. As she is set to re-enter the working world, I think this would be a pretty snaazzzy gift for her.

  • kelli

    Me! I would finally make something for me!

  • Amy

    I’d make that skirt for myself, I’m afraid to admit. I’ve been in the mood to sew something yellow, and I need more skirts in my wardrobe. But, once I got the knack of sewing and fitting the pattern, I’d likely be willing to sew another one for someone else with a fabric of their choosing. So fun!

  • kim m

    me for sure!!! lol! I don’t have any skirts that fit me at the moment and could really use one.

    mcintosh dot kimberley at gmail dot com

  • robin

    Perhaps for my daughter. :)

  • LindaC

    I would make that skirt for my daughter. She loves skirts and dresses and looks fabulous in them. I just found out about your book today and can’t wait to see it. I would love to win it, but if I don’t I will be purchasing it. It looks wonderful.

  • Eva

    I would make this skirt for me! It is really wonderful!

  • Lindsay

    Would love to shop at Mood! But having some authentic Mood fabric would almost make up for it. :)

  • Mary Ann

    for me!

  • lorraine

    for myself?…is that selfish? :) thanks so much for all these giveaways and for showing off some awesome blogs..its been so much fun!

  • Alli

    I’d make that for myself… I’m not good enough at sewing clothes yet to make them as gifts. :D Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Jennyroo

    Selfish, selfish, selfish… this skirt would be for me, me, me! Thanks for the chance!

  • MarciaW

    Me because love this skirt and it’s about time to sew for myself! And, would love to win a copy of your book and notions. Thanks for the chance.

  • wendy montgomery

    Hi Brett. I cant believe it’s been four weeks already. I started out with you but have not been feeling well so have lost touch. Will try and catch up over the next few weeks but just wanted to say congratulations and cant wait for what’s coming next. :-) xx

  • Kati

    For me! :)

  • MelodyJ

    I would make the skirt for myself. I really like it.


  • mirabelle


  • tba

    It’s my best friend’s birthday on Monday, and I haven’t had the mind to find something lovely for her. She would never be mad at me for not giving her a present, but the skirt as a belated present would definitely sooth my guilty conscience ;)

  • Jody

    I’d make it for my lovely sister in law who has just gotten back into her prepregnancy size and is so happy!!

  • Clair

    I would probably make three skirts-one for each of my sister’s, then one for me. clairjuly at yahoo dot com

  • Katie

    I’d make the skirt for my daughter, with love in every stitch.

  • Liz

    I’d make it for me, of course!

  • Mary

    Oh what a fab idea – I think I’d make it for a lovely friend – not sure which one yet! Thanks for a superb book tour and a great giveaway.

  • Kepanie

    Shoot, I’d make the skirt for myself!

  • Renee G

    I would make a skirt for me.

  • Sydney

    i’d probably make the skirt for myself… or maybe my friend who’s having a baby next week [the new momma never gets anything good!]

  • Megan

    I would make this skirt for my sister and myself. I love this skirt!

  • Michelle

    This would look ab fab on my friend, Julia. :)

  • Sarah Edmonds

    I’d probably make the skirt for one of my mod friends.

  • AnnieV

    I would make it for me!

  • Henria O.

    I’d totally make it for me!!!! Thanks for another great giveaway!
    sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

  • Jessica

    Honestly I would definitely make it for myself :)

  • Stephanie

    myself of course! (hope that’s not too selfish!)

  • Shannon

    Me!!!! Never have too many.

  • Kacy

    I would make it for myself, of course. :-)

  • Kelley

    For me!!!!!!! xoxo

  • Rachel D @ Just Sew Y’all Know

    I love True Up! And I’d totally make that skirt for myself!

  • Christine

    I think I need to get my sister into skirts more (she’d look so cute in them!) so I’d make it for her. And then probably one for my mom and then best friend. I’d be on a roll!! :)

  • Ruth D

    Not a question, the skirt would be for my younger daughter. She needs business and business casual clothing as the director of FSU’s World Affairs Program. This skirt, especially in this color and fabric would be perfect for her!

  • Katherine

    This one would definitely be for me. The colour is so gorgeous!

  • stephanie tipton

    I’m afraid it’d be for myself – I love the style!

  • Mandy

    I could see my sister wearing this but maybe for myself!

  • Kira

    I have a daughter who loves yellow above all colors. Fabulous to see both my little-ish girls in matching yellows.

  • nikkee

    I’d make the skirt for me! Or my niece if she wasn’t being annoying ^_~

  • sabrina

    i think i would make it for myself…. i sew a lot of crafty stuff, and i have made a few clothes like items for my little girls, but i have not sewed any clothing for myself in a long while…. so i would love to make this for myself :)

  • Ana Paula de O. Amorim

    I would make one for myself and a little one for my 3 year old girl! :) Cute, ha?! Mother and daughter wearing the same <3 Thanks for the chance to win! <3

  • Jess

    I’ve never made a skirt before so I would be selfish and wear the “inaugural” project!!

  • Ruwaida

    i would like to make it for myself..oohh i love wardrobe is full of them and i dont have a single one with this style yet :)

  • Esther Kidwell

    My mommy :)

  • Shanley

    i think I might be the lucky recipient.. time for some thought to the fall wardrobe, after months and months of sundresses..!!

  • Eirene

    I’d make that for my friend, Lucia. It would probably suit her more.

  • Katelyn

    This would so be for myself!!! At least the first one, then it would make some really great birthday/Chirstmas presents!

  • Laura Elaine

    I’d make it for one of my best friends, Tisha – it’s totally her style and her favorite color is yellow!

  • Maggie

    I’d make the skirt for my niece!

  • Deb

    I’d make it for my daughter.

  • Kyley

    I’d make it for my super stylish, very best friend’s birthday.

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