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I’m kind of ambivalent about Valentine’s Day — I can take it or leave it, though I don’t get all worked up about hating it — but what I do know for sure is that as a motif, hearts are just plain cute. Come on, you can’t argue with that. (Even if you ARE a valentine grinch.)

I whipped up these heart softies for my latest Sewing 101 post on Design Sponge. They have a little pocket, so you can tuck a tiny gift inside, or you can leave the pocket off and fill them with lavender to make sachets, or dried lentils to make beanbags.

And of course, they’re super easy to make and the post takes you through each step in lots of detail – so even if you’re a beginning sewer, I promise you can make these!

Here’s me and my valentine getting lovey-dovey. This little baby even sent me a valentine in the mail — I’m still not sure where she got the stamp.

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  • Mary

    Those are so cute! I love that they have a pocket for something extra. :)

  • CupcakeCatie

    the hearts and Kitty are way to cute :)

  • Miss Julep

    I LOVE these! They are so cute & the photo of you & your non-mouse catching cat:)

  • thefirstlady

    Very cute hearts (and the kitty, too!)

  • alltheshinythings

    Oh, gosh! Those are precious… And I love your fabrics… I'm considering all the different shapes you could do these in! A tooth for the tooth fairy? Hmm….

    Adorable kitty, too.

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