erin’s staggering strips quilt + a giveaway

My friend Erin, being the very speedy crafter that she is, has already finished her version of the Staggering Strips Baby Quilt from my book! Isn’t it GORGEOUS? I love love love her colors… charcoal grey with pops of pink – this is actually the color palette I’m considering for my living room!

(Full disclosure, she saw this pattern before the book went on sale so she’s not quite that speedy — but she’s still pretty speedy! She made this whole quilt in just one week. And it was her first finished quilt ever! Impressive, right?)

Here’s the original quilt from the book, which is a baby quilt. Erin modified her version by making it throw size and making her strips chunkier, and of course changing the colors. This is such a simple quilt that it’s super easy to personalize, so you really could do almost anything with it.

Erin did a really lovely custom design on the back (this isn’t from the book, it’s all her).

…and then tied it up and gifted it to her cousin for her bridal shower. As you can see, Erin is a talented crafter and an amazing photographer, so head on over to her blog to check out some more of her projects. Thanks for sharing, Erin!

And now it’s time for today’s giveaway! Up for grabs on this lovely Thursday is an autographed copy of Sewing in a Straight Line and an 18-spool set of Coats Dual Duty Thread! To enter, leave a comment on this post and tell me, do you like to customize your sewing/craft projects, or do you prefer to follow patterns to a T? I’m curious! THIS CONTEST NOW CLOSED; PLEASE SEE CURRENT POSTS FOR CURRENT GIVEAWAYS.

Thanks to Coats for sponsoring this giveaway. Thanks, Coats!

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  • Minty

    Aw thanks for the sweet words, Brett! When you first showed me that baby quilt it stunned me in its simplicity but total awesomeness–clearly something I could tackle but also something that could look impressive. I charted out my plan in graph paper so I was clear where all the fabrics would go, and obviously I was working only off your photograph of it, so I can only imagine that it’s even *easier* for people who have the book! I’m still head over heels in love with the quilt, and sad that I gave it away!

  • Heather De Vore

    I used to be a “to the T” kind of gal but lately I just do a google image search to get lots of ideas and make up my own pattern for my crocheted items. I really wish I knew how to sew… I would love to be able to make clothes that actually fit and flatter my “short and stout” figure. It’s hard to find grown up clothes when you are less than 5′ tall!


  • Melody

    I love customizing patterns to fit my personality and my creativity! I believe in individuality, and letting it show through in everything, even my sewing! :)

  • Hayley

    Where’s the fun in following patterns to the letter? :)

  • Jessica Rindeikis

    I want to make this in a green color palette! OR in Fall tones! This could be great with almost any fabric combination really. Great project, getting my book soon! So excited to start projects I can actually accomplish! Thank you so much for the book and all the cool ideas! :D

  • Maile

    I am so bad at following anything to a T, patterns, recipes, life.

  • Ginger

    I like modifying patterns: using different yarn weight and needles/hooks for my yarny projects.

  • Esther Kidwell

    I love to costumize and throw my own spin on things :)

  • Oiyi

    What a great quilt! When I am new to a craft, I always follow the directions to a T. I like getting the technique down first. But afterward, my head is spinning with ideas on how to customize it.

  • Diane

    I am a pattern gal!

  • Brandy Thrasher

    The first time I craft something I like to follow the pattern or directions, but the second time I always make adjustments !

  • Amanda

    OH Yes – thread and signed book!!!! Fingers crossed…… :)

    I am definitely a free-former… not so great with patterns. I mean for some things you NEED them but i tend to prefer my homemade patterns off of clothes I have that I love or something draped. But mostly I like inspiration and sort of figure out how to do it and jump in. But I’ve also had a lot of disasters so I”m coming around to pattern land and getting better about using them :)

  • nichole boehm

    AWESOME!!! I follow your blog and work!! Brett you rock!! enjoy my Crochet today,sad not to see you as editor anymore;( I do not have tv to follow tv show. LOVE this new book !! so excited to get a copy!! Beautiful quilt!!
    exciting giveaway too!!!:D I love to follow patterns and customize,all depends on who the project is for, my children,myself or a gift:!

  • Rachel

    I prefer to modify the craft projects I make. One of the biggest joys of crafting is having something unique for myself or being able to make a gift for someone that is tailored to their interests or personality.

  • margaret

    That quilt looks great! I sew so that I can make things exactly how I like, which often means modifying patterns.

  • Laurie

    I sew like I cook … follow the directions the first time (mostly) and then improvise.
    I love this quilt and will have to buy this book based on that alone!

  • Elisa B.

    How beautiful Erin’s quilt is!

    I try not to modify too much when sewing, as I’m still new to it, but I like the idea of embellishing with ruffles or embroidery. :)

  • Arly

    Love the show, so glad it’s back!
    Okay, now for the comment on patterns. I do tend to futz (that’s a word, I’m from Bklyn!) with patterns just to personalize it a bit and make it my own….whether it’s home decor or garments…

  • Vicki B

    OMG – no, I customize all my projects. That’s how I became a designer! Once you change something so much that there’s nothing recognizable of the original project, it becomes totally your own.

  • Seana

    Personally I have to follow the directions cause I’m not quite skilled enough to change anything major yet. However, always add a little bit of personality to make it special. Even if that means just sewing on a button somewhere.

  • Sandy

    I modify everything to put a little of myself into it.

  • sandy meyer

    I have more fun looking through magainzes (quilting) and getting ideas make my own. I may have to ripe out a few times but that’s the fun of sewing and quilting.

  • Carmen

    I actually haven’t sewn anything from a pattern in years. I love finding ideas or tutorials online and making them my own. Pinterest and blogs like this one are GREAT for inspiration.

  • luvinthemommyhood

    I’m an in betweener. I sometimes follow them to a tee and then other times can’t resist straying and adding my own personal flair to it :)

  • susan Taylor

    Beautiful quilts,I started one when my first grand daughter was born but never finished it. Those quilts with the pops of color inspire me to start again. I grew up with a mom who was perfectionist in sewing but she never did quilts. I am just starting to sew for myself and my grandchildren. I hope to be able to make several of the one hour skirts for them and a few for myself although I will probably make them a little longer. I am planning to put my own spin on things that I make instead of following the pattern exactly. Wish me luck! Thanks for all the info you share with us.

  • Alli

    When I’m learning a craft, I like to follow patterns exactly, but after a while I customize things. I’m sure that’s pretty normal, huh? :)

  • Lindsay

    I follow to a T, until I feel that I am educated enough to make my own decisions. I like the how-to’s first, then I’ll play around with creativity. Especially when I am on a tight budget and I can’t afford to lose any materials to a snafu :)

  • Sanja Dumo

    I’m pretty new to sewing so the first time I make something I pretty much follow the pattern/tutorial to a T. Once I see exactly what is expected, I get more creative and add a personal touch to it.

  • Cathy Peskey

    I do a little of both, I will wander from the pattern after I have given it a whirl following the directions for the first time. Sometimes a pattern is exactly what you are looking for, and then other times it is close enough and I make changes to fit my need.

  • Catlyn

    If its a project Ive never made before, I like to follow directions to a T! But once I make it a few times, I feel more comfortable to customize it and really make it my own!

  • kim m

    I do a bit of everything. If I can find something I love I follow to a T. If I can find a few ideas that are ‘close’ to what I want I will combine them to get what I want. I would love to truly ‘customize’ in a freestyle way but I’m just not there yet from a skill perspective.
    mcintosh dot kimberley at gmail dot com

  • Sydney

    I’m not quite confident enough to do anything outside of the box *yet*. But I do try and branch out a little in terms of embellishments!

  • Christine

    I usually get through the first sentence or two of directions look at all the pictures and start sewing! and most of the time it actually works out…but if not I find another use for whatever it was supposed to be! ;]

  • Melodye Olsavsky

    I usually read through the pattern (a few times) and begin by following the directions. Inevitably I am missing the exact items needed to duplicate the pattern. :-) Personal creativity born out of necessity!

  • Judi FitzPatrick

    I usually customize whatever I’m making even if it’s as simple as different colors or type of fabric.

    I love both versions of the quilt you’ve shown, you and Erin are both very talented!

    Peace, Judi

  • Mary Ann

    …always to a “T”!

  • Lela

    I guess I usually use the sewing machine for mending or making up my own things, so I’m not sure what I would do with a pattern. I would probably modify it some (and then maybe wish I hadn’t?)
    I wish I had the gumption to make that quilt!

  • robin

    Customize. :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Laurie

    I found out about you today, friended your Facebook site, entered the sewing machine/serger contest and this one and …ta da!!… just bought your book! Reading the first few pages on Amazon was so helpful and knowing the instructions for the quilt are in there makes in a sure-fire best seller for me! What a great day!

  • Lee

    What a great quilt! I am going over to check out her blog after this! thanks for the giveaways.. and I always am changing the patterns and directions when I make things! Except for cooking – I usually stick to the recipe!

  • AmandaT

    I love to personalise! I’ve never made a quilt, and I’d so love to learn. I think even my husband would like that quilt, so I”d love to win a copy of your book. Will it be available to buy in Australia?

  • Sarah

    I usually try to make the pattern pretty close to the original (except maybe for colors) the first time around just to get the feel of it. After that, its all or nothing for whatever I think I’d like to change! :)

  • Sarah W.

    Usually I follow to a T on my first try. Once I’m comfortable with the pattern, I switch it up. I really like to customize things if I’m making multiples of something.

  • Sommer

    On sewing projects, I normally start to follow the patterns to a T, but sometimes, I adapt (often if I follow the patterns incorrectly). On knit and crochet patterns, I like to experiment with design.

  • Jessica Simoes

    I used to follow instructions to the T but as I got older found that I liked changing things up. I suppose that old age wisdom!

  • Amy Armato

    I’m a modifier. I’m going to get (or win) the book because of the this baby quilt pattern. I’ll modify it for a throw size for our bedroom, use a charcoal and yellow pallet and play with placement and then on the other side I’m going to modify a chevron Denyse Schmidt design. Can’t wait!

  • Lisa R

    I’m pretty much a rule-follower in all things; however, as I become more confident I tend to modify.

  • Carolyn Hughes

    It all depends on the situation or my frame of mind. Sometimes I need to be making something, but don’t want to think about it too much. Or if it’s a new technique, I’ll follow the pattern pretty closely. Most of the time though, I like to change things to make them my own!

  • Veronica

    I always plan on following the pattern to a T, but then I always make at least one change. I can never help it!

  • Jenni

    I usually follow the pattern exactly the first time I make something and then I make a second one and change up things a bit.

    and those quilts are gorgeous!

  • Audrey

    I like to follow a pattern to a T! However, I usually end up changing things up a little based on the supplies I have at hand. Once I have a success- then I have many plans on how to change things up. ;-)

  • Kacy

    I stick to he pattern, though I do pick my own fabrics and colors. I feel like I’m not quite up to the skill level needed to modify patterns.

  • hueisei

    Thanks for the generous giveaway!!!
    I am beginner in sewing, I will be following anything to a T, patterns, tutorials…

  • lee

    I’m going to keep trying, SUCH great giveaways!

  • Rose Bowden

    I always intend to follow the pattern exactly, but then I’ll see a shortcut or make a mistake and have to wing it.

  • Stephanie L.

    I’m a customizer all the way! A pattern is like a recipe & I tweak recipes to suit what I like all the time – so I do the same with patterns. If it’s something very complex or a new skill I might follow that pattern precisely the first time so I know how to do it, but then all bet are off!
    PS I already followed your skirt video promo for the book & made my first skirt! To customize the next one I’m going to add ribbon stripes & maybe button accents around the bottom, & for a third maybe a coordinating fabric wide stripe at the bottom…
    So yeah I’m thrilled you’re offering this lovely giveaway! Thanks!

  • jennie

    i’m not yet confident enough to mess with patterns much yet, but maybe some day!

  • Heather

    I’ve really only just started to sew, and haven’t done much in the way of patterns, preferring instead to try to come up with my own designs, so I guess I’m more the type who fiddles with things and isn’t content to follow a pattern.

  • erica

    I love customizing crafts, isn’t that exactly the point. I tend to read a lot about what I should do and then just go for it, testing ideas and adjustments along the way.

  • Amy

    I try to stick to a pattern but I usually end of wandering a little bit. great giveaway!

  • Stephanie

    I most definitely love to customize!!!

  • Lindsi

    Amazing giveaway!
    I love to follow a pattern to the T if its a new technique otherwise its so fun to make it my own with a twist;)

  • Tina C.

    i usually do it by the pattern the 1st time, then modify for subsequent projects. but as for apparel sewing, this is an area i don’t feel super confident yet but am trying to challenge myself to do more customizing, especially when it comes to a better fitting.

  • michele

    There are times for both! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Irene

    Sometimes I follow the pattern and sometimes I don’t. It depends on the project. If I fall in love with the picture, then I want to follow it to a T. If I like the project, I might change some part of it – color or size. I really like the quilt and hope it’s as super easy as Erin showed. Can’t wait to see more pics of your new apt.

  • Noelle

    I am new to sewing so I am trying to use patterns carefully to learn from. In other crafting and art I don’t use patterns much. I love to crochet especially but have hardly used patterns. I get inspired by tutorials and things I see other people do but I like to make it my own. I’m the same way with cooking. I look at recipes to the point of borderline obsessiveness, but when I cook i usually add or change something. I think patterns, instructions, books, any how-to’s are really great and so helpful even if I don’t follow them to the T always.

  • Lindsay

    If I’m following a pattern, I do follow the steps, but overall, I think it’s just more fun to do my own thing!

  • Lonna

    I like to customize, and I love giving gifts I made.

  • Allison C

    I’m new to quilting so I usually start with a pattern, but then sometimes drift to my own style. I have found if I start without a pattern I typically make a lot of mistakes and my seam ripper gets a work out. Actually it usually always gets a work out, but even more so when I try to customize.

  • Amy

    Totally tweak it! :)

  • Pang

    if i first do the project, i will follow the pattern.
    but when i can handle it well, i will design the pattern myself.

  • Ashley

    I like to add my own personal touches to a project or pattern when I can. Using your own personal creativity is what makes crafting so much fun!

  • Debi

    I usually do something to customise it. Either cos I like to make it my own or by default because I rushed it or didn’t follow it properly! They’re always original then though right?!! :)

  • Jerri

    Love the look of this pattern. I like to add some machine stitching or cross stitch a pattern or message on some projects. It gives a personal touch.

  • Debra

    I’m definately a customizer. I see things and try to figure out how to put my own spin on them!

  • Rayne

    I always try** to follow the pattern, but it ends up being a loose (perhaps creative??) interpretation….haha.

  • Julie

    Hi Brett,
    Your new book looks fabulous! I would love to win, and it seems that I always modify patterns just a little.
    Have a great day!

  • Eirene

    Customized. I actually dont quite understand sewing patterns (I think its something to do with the fact that I keep buying ambitious patterns that require more skill and knowledge…) and just end up visualizing/sketching how I should be cutting/sewing by studying the seams and shapes of others’ finished products.

  • Amy

    Until very recently, I always followed patterns to a T. Okay, I always tried. If you aren’t one of these lucky folks who can translate the picture in your head into a real-lfe object through…magic?…voodoo? Anyhow, if you aren’t a wizard or shaman, trying (and failing) to follow patterns is a great way to learn. And after a while (like maybe years if you are a little thick or anal or both) you may find yourself at a point where you say, “Whoa, I think I get how this works. I can tweak this and make it work or maybe even *gasp* design my own from scratch.” Fun place to get to…full of possibilities.

  • MelodyJ

    It just depends on the project. If I like it as is I follow. But if I get ideas on how to make changes I will do that.


  • Jessica C

    wow pretty quilt.I love to add embelishment to handmade items whether its knitting sewing or even taking something I bought at target and adding my own special handmade love.

  • Lisa

    I always try to add my own little touch to every craft project that I do. I create my own patterns and sketch design and try to execute them that way. I may be inspired by one design and that will start a spark to create something that is uniquely me.

  • Lauren Murphy

    I usually follow the directions very closely and then make small changes the next time I try it again=)

  • Nikkee

    I like to cutomize my stuff, following to a T seems pretty boring in the long run

  • Ashley

    I love to follow a pattern exactly the first time, to see if I can actually do it. (I’m a self-taught crocheter, and it took me years and years to move beyond single crocheted scarves!) If I can achieve the desired results from following a pattern, I start working with it and adapting it to make it my own from then on. I always keep the pattern around, then as I’m making changes, I jot down notes in a notebook and staple the notes to a copy of the pattern.

  • Beth T.

    In the beginning, my errors were my “customizations”. As I’ve gained confidence, I’ve made changes on my own and really enjoy personalizing my quilts.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Viv

    I think I customize more than I exactly follow a pattern. It really depends on the project.
    Thanks for a great giveaway opportunity! Just became a follower and am enjoying it.

  • Juliette

    I am a total custom-izer!

  • Laura Tawney

    I’ve been a quilter for quite a few years and like to do a mixture of following to a T and doing my own thing in more of an art quilt fashion. What caught my eye is the skirt on the front of the book. I haven’t sewn clothing for quite a long time and would love to get back to it and your book looks amazing!
    Laura T

  • Christine

    I’m still a (very) novice quilter, so I definitely stick to patterns. Looking forward to spreading out a bit soon though!

  • Mary

    How about I do both! On a first go I tend to go with the pattern and then I improvise, change, embellish as I go along. If I have the time I’ll have a look on flickr to for ideas and inspiration.
    Thanks for the great giveaway

  • Cathy D

    Very nice quilt! I’ve done pillows, aprons, totes…. this will be the next sewing project! And of course, I’d follow the basic instruction but put as much of ME into the project as possible to make it unique.

  • Sandie

    Making a quilt has always been a dream of mine. Daughter and I finished a small quilt TOP by putting squares together, but never did finish it. (Yep, we bought the innards and the back piece, just didn’t know what to do with them.LOL) Daughter could sew without a pattern I think as she is very creative. We share our supplies. Love this quilt you’ve done and while I don’t know if I could even sew in a straight line, I’d give it a try!

  • Brandi G

    It doesn’t matter if I start out with all intentions of following the pattern to a “T” I always seem to customize it into my own! I just start going and then think, “now wouldn’t that look neat if it was…” For me, this process makes my projects more exciting and in the end more personal!

  • Jess

    Ok, now I want your book even MORE! I have all these fabric strips that would be awesome for that quilt!!!

    In any case, I do like to alter things sometimes, but it depends on how good I am at that particular thing. For a quilt like this, I might be brave since it involves straight lines. But if it were a dress pattern I might be too intimidated to alter anything since I’ve never sewn a dress before, you know? With knitting and crocheting, though, I wing it all the time! :)


  • Laura Elaine

    Customizing, for sure! And, since I’m no seamstress by any means, most of my projects come out “customized” whether I want them to be or not! ;)

  • Halliday

    I really like the quilt! I think maybe I could even do that. I follow patterns to a T. I’m not quite experienced enough to venture from the written instructions. Someday!

  • Erin

    I’m still pretty new to sewing, so I follow the patterns. I love that quilt!

  • Cindy G.

    I love this quilt! And, I’d love to win a copy of this book! I’m a bit afraid of quilt-making, but this one looks like something I could handle…

  • Linda Wright

    I love looking at patterns but then usually change them so they are mine. Sometimes I design my own, but I rarely ever sew anything to a T. It always has my touch added to it.

  • Julie Ann Smith

    Hi Brett! Can’t wait to see your book IN THE FLESH! What I’ve seen so far is amazing. Love those bowls!! I’m a long time sewer and crafter, all things, and a hoarder of fabric, beads, fiber, paints, scrapbooking….and the list goes on. I love it all! I’ve made gifts all my life and I ALWAYS customize them for that particular recipient. Why not!? What I find so wonderfully amazing is how each one of us is different. I try to bring joy and A SMILE to each present I make, by customizing it. For my granddaughters, Ayvrie, loves purple, so I try to incorporate that color into each item I make. I recently made her a polymer clay heart pendant with purple sprinkles. For my youngest son, he is 23 and into SKULLY-wear, so I whipped him up some skull pillows with black furry trim for his new house. For me, I recently made a crocheted shawl with beaded trim. I’m a lover of all things beads! So the answer to your question is “CERTAINLY – YES! I do customize everything I make!” That’s what life is about!! Good luck with the sale of your book!

  • SewLindaAnn

    I sometimes start with a pattern and then veer off on my own.

  • Deirdre

    Well, the first time I work with a pattern I TELL myself I’m going to follow it to a T so I can learn all the little things it has to teach me, but then I think of all the other little things I want to do – lace collar, cap sleeves, POCKETS – and I can’t help but customize!

  • franzi

    Wow Brett, I just came across your beautifull blog and bog! The Book ist jsut what I longed for – I am a novice in sewing but have a lot of fun starting it. At the moment i even find straight lines quiet difficult… need more practice! So I think I would stick to the tutorial for a first try of the projekt and add my personal little ideas when starting the same project the second time. I would love the book and the thread wich has great colours!!

  • Kati

    I follow the pattern until I’m comfortable with it, then I add my own touch. :)

  • Steven

    I rarely, if ever, follow a pattern exactly word for word (many times to my dismay because sometimes – often – the author does know better than I do).
    Side note – I want that quilt for my bed ASAP.

  • Suebe

    I have rarely followed patterns to a “T”. I like to experiment and leave my own touch on a project, whether it’s sewing, crocheting, or another craft. Oftentimes that leads to “beautiful accidents”. The toughest part for me is trying to recreate those results in another project. I laugh when I look at my project notes, because sometimes I can’t decipher my own shorthand.

    Going outside the line can give me new directions and interesting results, but sometimes it means I just have to start over. It’s all fun and a learning process.

  • ana

    a pattern for me is like someone giving you small inputs on how to find that nice place you are looking for, and then just go allong discovering your way there smilling at all the nice spots that cross your path. congratulations for your work, its beautiful and inspiring!

  • anjella

    Typically, to the T regarding shape or overall silhouette but with unique fabric choices or added embellishments to add my own flavor.

  • Allyson

    Ohh I’ve never quilted before! My mom is an amazing quilter so I better get on her teaching me how to do it!

    I always set out to follow the pattern perfectly, but run out of this or accidentally do something wrong and end up with a custom piece! I always tell my students if you’re crazy-exacting you’ll never finish anything.

  • teresita

    I just use patterns to guide the cutting, but I customize them trying on the garment…..But who am I kidding,, I almost always make everything up! So I make mistakes sometimes, but I pull things off.

  • Megan

    I oscillate! As a begging sewer I haven’t sewn many items before so the first time through I like to stick to the pattern. But once I have made an item I I let my imagination go when I come back to the pattern!

  • Bekka

    If by customize you mean “make a mistake and then try to pretend it was supposed to be like that”, then yes!

  • Elise

    I usually start out sticking to the pattern… but if something goes wrong, I try to just adjust rather than go back and start over. So basically, a blend… whatever works!

    • Elise

      elenthe [at] gmail [dot] com

  • Karen

    I almost always start out following a pattern exactly and then start thinking of mods I could do. To my frustration, however, I almost always end up going back to the pattern as I am not as clever as I think I am.

  • Tracy Yorke

    I love to customize/personalize sewing projects. crafting should be creative, a way to express yourself.

  • April @ Team Tottle Wealth & Wellness

    I prefer to follow a pattern to a T, I usually only change out the colors if I change anything. I’m a rule follower kind of gal so if I have instructions, I want to use them! Your quilt is the first quilt I’ve ever seen that I actually love!! I have thought about quilting but to be honest I just think traditional quilts are ugly, the ones with repeating square and pinwheels. I really love this quilt pattern and am considering picking up your book just for this quilt pattern! Hopefully I win! I could really use some thread also. I just started sewing and only have a couple basic colors.

  • Jessica

    I follow the pattern but always add something or do something different to make it personal, otherwise I feel like, why not just buy it?

  • Kim R.

    I always start with a pattern but love to be creative with small changes if possible!
    Thanks :)

  • Julie

    I just bought a sewing machine and was looking for books to help me start. I saw your book on my library’s website and, as always, went to Amazon to check reviews, which led me to your blog (the old blog site–maybe they can change that?). Anyway, I learned that your book is brand-spankin’ new! Congratulations, and best of luck for your success! I’m going to put your book on hold before someone else snags it–that quilt is gorgeous! As for your question, I have only handsewn projects before, but those have definitely been … well … improvisational.

  • mirabelle

    I love to customize but I should probably follow directions more! :)

  • Cindy G.

    I just realized that I never answered the question properly (I tend to make a pattern once and then customize it if I make it again). But, now that the giveaway has ended, I think I just found what I’m spending a couple of Barnes & Noble gift cards on…

    • Cindy G.

      After hunting the book down (the first B & N) didn’t have it, I got my copy last night! There are at least 6 projects that I want to try right away! What a great book!

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