Today I’m winging my way over to San Francisco, CA to visit with the lovely and talented Natalie Zee Drieu of the blog Coquette. Natalie is such an interesting member of the craft community, I’m not quite sure where to start describing her! I first met Natalie several years ago, when she was the Editor in Chief of CRAFT. She served at that post for quite some time, making CRAFT into one of the strongest DIY online magazine out there. She’s since moved on, and now writes on her own blog, Coquette, where she merges her interests in fashion and technology, with a bit of crafting thrown into the mix, too — Coquette has been rated one of the top 50 fashion blogs in the world, how cool is that? Natalie has also authored several books on technology, you know, no big deal. Girl can do everything. So hop on over to Coquette to see what Natalie has to say about Sewing in a Straight Line from the perspective of a fashionista tech guru crafting maven!

Thanks for being part of my blog tour, Natalie! xoxo

And now it’s giveaway time!! Today I have something a little different to offer. I’m going to start giving away some of the fabrics I used to make the actual samples in my book. In many cases I bought more fabric than necessary, so I thought why not share it with all you beautiful people? Today I am offering one yard of the fabric I used to make the zippered throw pillow shown here:

…along with an autographed copy of Sewing in a Straight Line and an 18-spool set of Coats Dual Duty Thread!

To enter to win this little packet of goodies, leave a comment on this post and tell me what your other interest is, besides sewing/crafting. Natalie is into fashion and technology; I’m into baking and Jello… what about you? I’m curious!

A winner will be chosen by random number generator tomorrow. Thanks for playing! THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED; PLEASE SEE CURRENT POSTS FOR CURRENT GIVEAWAYS!

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  • Shannon

    I love baking tarts, collecting tart cookbooks, and all the tart pans I can find! I unfortunately married a man who doesn’t like cooked fruit. That was a disappointing revelation!

  • Pam

    Just discovered your blog – very interesting! Your kittie reminds me of our cat – he was an all black gigantic fur ball (although I don’t think he would have tolerated the hair cut). You ask what other interests I have? I’m into knitting/crocheting afghans for surgery patients (, encouraging my knit group to get involved in various charity projects (hats for premies; baby teddy bears for the MotherBear project; scarves for Special Olympics; and various knit/crocheted items for our local historical society). I also love cooking and volunteering with a adults special needs Bible study once a week.
    Thank you for your interesting blog – will keep reading!
    Pam (aka: grammiepammie)

  • Deirdre

    Horseback riding, comic books and science fiction! I actually am also married to a man who doesn’t share … any of those interests, but then again, he’s not a big crafter either. Got to have something that’s yours!

  • Lisa Rawls

    Photography is my main passion besides crafting…although the more I learn, the less I think I know! :-) Also really into traveling (which ties into the photography as well) and love music. Thank you for the opportunity on the giveaway!

  • Jessica

    cooking, pickling, gardening, etc. – the typical urban homesteader fare :)

  • Shannon

    I love to garden, bake, and play video games! I’m also in a PhD program, which means I apparently like school. Hahah…

  • Steven

    Other than crafting? Ouch. Bad movies, reality television and shopping garden centers for awesome plants that will most likely suffer an undignified death on my front patio in a never-ending quest to find the perfect plant for my neglectful ways.

  • lorraine

    i love baking but im crazy about knitting..i could knit all day long if i had my way..awesome blog!

  • Amy

    I am a crazy reader. Especially big Russian novels. I have a whole bookcase full of them and love to dive into another world. :)

  • Veronica

    Other than crafting and sewing, I spend most of my time with my almost-one-year-old beauty, but I sure do love me some bad reality TV, reading, and trying to learn how to cook better.

  • Lauren Murphy

    I love baking and gardening!

  • BJMarley

    I love to write. I love to read. Crazy about crochet. Love knitting.

  • Kelli B

    My other passion is Music….I can be just as creative but engage my soul at the same time!! Love to sing!


  • Seana

    Motorcycles! Crusing around with the wind in your hair or pushing your limits on the race track, its an adventure every time. Of course I’m a Gemini, so my hobbies have to be complete opposites of each other!

  • Alli

    I love rpg computer games. I’m still trying to finish Dragon Age! :D

  • mckristie

    Cooking, reading, hiking, traveling, surfing ebay!

  • Elisa B.

    I love cooking and baking. My best friend and I (who is also crafty–infinitely more so than I am and definitely a better sewer) dream of opening a bakery/cafe/sandwich shop where she makes the cupcakes and cakes and I do the bread and pastries. Mmm, freshly baked heaven. :)

  • Amelia

    I love to make cupcakes and am learning to love to exercise!!!

  • Lee

    I love baking and gardening (if you can call it that when all you have is a small balcony i brooklyn)!

  • Elise

    Besides crafting, I’m also a lover of cooking / baking (probably a pretty common shared hobby) and also math / teaching / academia.

    elenthe [at] gmail [dot] com

  • Patti

    Besides crafting? Hmm, that seems to be my only interests these days since I love to crochet also. I also love spending time with my family and I am just starting to enjoy cooking again.

  • Karen M

    Reading, knitting and crocheting (I 1st discovered you on Knit and Crochet today, which is great for a beginner), quilting, teaching, my kids (4 of them, now 13 – 21 years) . Also trying to get my Masters, one class at a time while working!

  • Laura Elaine

    Oh my – I adore that fabric!!! Besides sewing and crafting, I have a passion for writing. I’m on the path to turn that into a career, but in the meantime, freelancing and blogging keep me busy. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Renee

    Other than sewing and crafting, I love baking, jewelry making/designing, interior design, reading, all things creative essentially! I would love to learn more about graphic design, that’s my next interest on the horizon!

  • Melanie McDonald

    Hi Brett,
    I enjoy your blog and your tweets. Thanks for the piece on shortening zippers; I’m going to shorten one this week. One of my non-crafting interests is birds. Not the kind in cages, but the kind you use binoculars to see, like herons, hawks, and tiny song birds.

  • Lela

    I collect and sell vintage clothes and other items on etsy. :)

  • Catlyn

    Such a fantastic package of goodies! I cant wait to get a copy of your book! :) My other interest besides sewing, is crocheting and vegan cooking. Nothing better than tasty treats and yarn-y goods!

  • lauren

    fashion! fashion, fashion. design. swimming. travelling. knitting. music.

  • annie

    Love your blog and started following recently.

    I love to dance, travel (Europe and California in particular), and relax in bed with a good magazine & hgtv or food network on in the background.:)

  • Amy

    I sing. I garden. I cook. I read.
    …oh, and I have insane cats. In. Sane. Kittens.
    So I spend a lot of time picking up all the things they knock over, off of stuff or break.

  • Heather R

    Aside from crafting I’m into baking for a local cafe, tending to my flower garden or dreaming up new recipes and projects.

  • Jenn

    I’m a novice at knitting and crocheting but food is one of my great passions, every thing about it – cooking, baking, shopping for it, reading about it. And I also like hiking and mountain biking.

  • Deena Sanders

    Hiya ! Happy Monday! – We are a little soggy here in Florida today – so brighten my day and pick me as the winner! I will truly enjoy this gift and use it well!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Deena Sanders

    Opps – I forgot to tell you my other interests…well, besides working 40+ hours /week – I do enjoy sewing – and crafting – while my husband does the cooking, cleaning and laundry…makes a manageable household! Right now I am really “into” making little outfits for my new nieces – and pillows and quilts, so many things to do – so little time to do it all!
    Have a great week!

  • Ashley

    I heart that fabric!! Sew cute! Other than crafting and sewing I love to paint. The nursery in our house is floor to ceiling Dr. Seuss paintings and I am about to take on a sci-fi/comic book theme for my oldest sons room. I also love to bake even though I am horrible at it. Reading is high on the list but with two boys under 3 there isn’t time for anything other than them. So as of right now they are my main interest. LOL! Thanks for the chance at some beautiful fabric, thread, and your awesome book! Fingerscrossed….

  • Amber P

    Sewing and crochet are the 2 hobbies that have stuck for the longest. I usually decide to start something new and then give up, leaving me with a lot of new supplies and no interest. Two crafts that I already have supplies for and just need to motivate myself to do are embroidery and beading. I used to read novels a lot but I haven’t figured out how to do that while crocheting yet.

  • Ashley M

    I’m new to sewing and am so excited about it! My other interests are triathlons, traveling, and eating :)

  • Stephanie P

    I love love love flowers. I don’t have a particularly green thumb. I am working on it though.

  • Mary

    Gorgeous fabric, hmm my other interests, I can’t think of any! I have 3 children and that takes up all my time, sewing is my therapy. I suppose the other thing is our plan to set up a community cafe in our local park, it will one day take up much of my time I’m sure! So I guess building community is my other interest!

  • Courtney kiszewski

    I love to knit and crochet, but next to that I guess playing with my kitten, watching true blood and Dexter, and going to the movies.

  • Courtney kiszewski

    I love to crochet and knit but besides that I love to play win my kitten, watch true blood and Dexter, and go to the movies with my fiancé.

  • Susan

    Besides knitting/sewing, I play the accordion. Ahem, not very well, but I try. Thanks for the fabric giveaway, very pretty stuff!

  • Deepster

    I love gardening, cooking, reading, blog-hopping and traveling…although the last one is challenging with a 21 month old tot!

    Love your blog, btw,

  • Michele

    I am into knitting right now. I just finished taking a knitting class and am now hooked!

    • Jessica Rindeikis

      hehe .. hooked.. hehe

  • Amy W

    This is an awesome giveaway, thanks for doing this.

    Anyway! I am obsessed with grammar, I love people watching and making up stories about random strangers’ lives, I also enjoy naps and wine (not necessarily in that order!).

    Amy W

  • Jessica Rindeikis

    I <3 <3 <3 collecting and wearing antique costume jewelry! I sneak off to flea markets and antique stores to forget about the stresses of being mommy and wifey and over-all in-demandy. Then I put hem with my collection of handkerchiefs in shadowboxes after I wear them!

  • mary ann coleman

    OMG I love your cat’s new do. It is just the cutest thing and should be a model for a stuffed animal. Too cute…..Other interests for me are my grandchildren and shopping. I don’t live close to my grands so they are a hobby for me to find new ways to keep in touch.

  • Sherrie

    I really like to walk, quilt, see other peoples art. Love your blog.

  • Amy

    Oh I love that fabric plus the book and thread. Great giveaway. I love to bake – but the easy, throw it together and let it do it’s thing stuff. Not the three page recipe stuff.

  • Jackie Niekamp

    Hey Brett!

    Loving the giveaway!!! Other than crafting…. I am a screeprinter at a screenprinting shop in Chicago. I love playing vintage video games at my local record store, going to Lake Michigan’s many beaches, and eating ice cream on my porch with friends!

    Keep up the good work— can’t wait to get that book!

  • Jen A.

    I love baking and trying new recipes.

  • Jody

    I adore your blog. Besides crafting, I am very involved in autism research and programming. I’m a special education teacher and also have a son on the spectrum, so I see autism from the parent and teacher side.

  • Brooke

    I’m a beginner in the Land of Sewing but I also love knitting and photography. Keep myself busy with a weekly challenge and trying the waters of professional services – we shall see how it goes! (Thanks for the chance!)

  • Sandy

    I just recently discovered your blog and I love it! Other than sewing and crafting I love gardening, reading, travelling, and bonding with my new puppy!

  • Deborah S

    I am into food; both cooking and eating food! I also love to read and hike with my husband. I am so glad I have found your blog.

  • Sabrina

    I love to decorate cookies!!!! You can see some of my decorated cookies on flicker at
    Thanks for the giveaway … i hope to win your book.

  • Sharon

    I love cooking. We live remote, so I like to recreate something from restaurants if I can. I also knit a lot and love recycle sewing (making something into a new purpose or fashion like necktie hat etc).

  • Lindsay

    Blogging and, lately, couponing!

  • sandy meyer

    Other then sewing, quilting,crocheting, I enjoy walking and baking and love being aroung my children and grand children.

  • Shelby

    I love construction and architecture. I have a passion for meeting low-income housing needs. Sewing is really just construction with fabric.

  • Patti C

    Knitting, crochet, weaving, baking (cooking in general), gardening – I love all things crafty. I also love music and writing and, of course, sewing!

  • Juliette

    Oh baking all the way -though I have to say blogging is pretty darn fun as well!

  • Mary

    Great giveaway! I’m into baking, gardening, blogging, and old home restoring. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Sarah

    Hmmmmm… I’m guess I’m INTO fashion and exercise. I have four kids though, so I don’t actually HAVE any fashion. But I do exercise. :)

  • Kacy

    I have two kids under 2, which doesn’t leave room for much. But aside from sewing and knitting, I’m also into cold process soap. I know, I know, it is another craft, but it’s also chemistry. :-)

  • Kim R.

    Reading is my favorite hobby other than needlework – there is always a best seller I want to read!!
    Thanks :)

  • Carol Garcia

    Other than crafting I would have to say school. Unfortunately it takes up a good portion of my time, but I do my best to make time for it.

  • mirabelle

    cooking and photography and fashion!

  • Terrie

    What a great giveaway! Besides crafting, I love reading, watching movies and animals :)

  • Jean Anderson

    Crocheting, cross stitch, & reading – not necessarily in that order!

  • Carol

    I love photography, painting and creating just about anything from a – z. Not overly fond of cleaning the house.

  • Mary

    Reading and gardening are my other two passions.

  • Salena

    Besides sewing/crafting, I am an avid reader.

  • amorette

    i love reading, and i am voracious- i usually go through 2-3 books a week! mostly fiction, but some nonfiction. i also love to bake, but i am taking a break in the heat!

  • Jennyroo

    I love reading fiction!

  • annabelle

    reading. baking. gardening. Thanks for sharing some fabulous goodies :)

  • Susan

    Love the pillow and my book is being delivered tomorrow from Amazon. Can’t wait!

  • kim m

    cooking and baking! I’m learning how to make home made bread at the moment and hope to tackle a freezer stock of tomato sauce later this summer.

    mcintosh dot kimberley at gmail dot com

  • Stephanie

    Graphic design, anything design, cooking (not baking) and cycling!

  • Kelly.R

    I’m into the color green and eating pasta. ;)

  • Jessica

    I love belly dancing and yoga!

  • Amanda

    Terrariums and painting!

  • AmandaT

    Hey Brett

    I’m into cycling, and it takes up most of my time. I have a side line in making macaroons.

  • Jenna Maine

    Besides sewing I am a nerd and like to play computer games.

  • Christine

    besides crafting …I love dreaming, exploring, planting plants and petting cats. :]

  • Sara Thornburg

    Besides sewing, I enjoy making collages, reading great books, cooking, hiking and my passion for fashion!! :)

  • Cindy

    I like to crochet, knit and paint oil paintings.

  • Stephanie L.

    Besides sewing I like scrapbooking, cooking, baking, reading…oh & I pretend to like gardening but mostly I just like to look at & photograph gardens – not work in them. LOL!

  • Cathy D

    I’m into fitness!! I teach bootcamps and spin classes on the weekends.

  • Fanny

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!!! =)

    Photography, scrapbooking, and doodling are my other interests.

  • Amy

    I love to run. And do science. And play with cats. And adventure outside with my husband. Oh, so many hobbies, so little time! :) I would also love to win. Here’s to luck!

  • Elissa

    I love reading, swimming, writing and spending time with my (15.5 lb!) cat Thom. In fact, I’m going to take him out to get some fresh air right now!

  • VacationJudy

    Well, I quilt but in case that counts as sewing (which it is, I know!) I also like to can things — you know, like preserves, salsa, spaghetti sauce…stuff like that. I also like to grow herbs but my family thinks I kill everything! Not especially true.

  • Allison C

    I’m also into baking, needle felting, video gaming, and metalsmithing (as in making jewelry or smaller silver items). Plus I’m into science (my job) and technology. I guess you could say well-rounded nerd.

  • Katherine

    I love all kinds of craft – crocheting, embroidery, drawing, printing and my husband bought me bits and pieces last birthday so I could cut my own stamps. I also love baking but I generally stick to really simple things – with a 2 year old at my feet, anything too long or complicated doesn’t get a look in.
    I also loved your cat’s new hair do. I this it’s really adorable.
    Thanks for the generous giveaway offers!

  • Lorena

    I love reading and gardening =) just love it!!!! and sleeping too!!!!!!!!!!

  • kyley

    I’m in graduate school for English, working my way towards a PhD. Studying (mostly pop culture and media) and being a hip nerd is definitely passion #1 for me. Crafting is such a welcomed break; it keeps me balanced and makes my home pretty!

    Love the new site; can’t wait to read your book!

  • Rae

    I love gardening and walking (is that weird?)…reading and swimming!

  • Christine

    My other interests is being involved in classical, instrumental music. It’s something I could never image living without now :) – Chrissy, cmbauerisu]at[gmaildotcom.

  • Nikki Jackson

    Other than attempting my first quilt, spending time with my husband and our furry children, I like to dabble in all things crafty! I enjoy making jewelry most. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Stefanie

    Design and crafty stuff professionally, and in my freetime my husband and kitties, but mainly FOOD :)

  • hueisei

    Beside sewing, I loves playing online game :D
    I can stayed on a computer for few hours without break.. It’s very scary…Sometimes, I need someone to pull me out from the game else I will be addicted to it..hahaha…

  • Renee G

    I love cross-stitch, reading and baking.

  • Anna W

    Besides sewing I love other DIY projects and being with people I’m close to.

  • Jerri

    I like to create things, especially for my great nieces and nephews!!

  • Jill

    I’m into theater, which, happily involves plenty of costume sewing! I’m up for the part of Anne Frank this semester so send good thoughts my way!

  • erica

    Oh that fabric would look wonderful on my new green couch! And who wouldn’t want to have a copy of your book! I’m very into baking… cooking, not so much. But if it involves chocolate, I probably want to bake it.

  • Pang

    besides sewing and crafting (i really like to craft rubber stamps!), i also like taking photograph,especiallly the films one.

  • Nicole at Mommy Moxie

    I love to cook, read and chase after my two year old. I also love learning about photography, although at this point I’m not very good. Thanks heavens for the automatic setting!

  • Debra

    I just love that fabric and thread and even a book , Oh my!

    • Debra

      And I really am getting into doll making lately. Hoping for an Etsy shop by Christmas!

  • Annie V

    I like to garden. And eat. And write cursive.

  • Beth T.

    When I’m not quilting, or looking at pictures of beautiful quilts on the internet, or dreaming about fabric, I’m tending to our chickens.

  • Susan I

    Wow. How great would it be to win a book that’s already on my wish list?! Besides sewing and crafting I really enjoy playing social games with my family and friends. Thanks for the chance!

  • nikki l

    Literature and kitties, madam.

  • Samantha G

    I’m into reconstruction! I love taking old shirts and going crazy with the scissors (I only choose non-sewing recons out of laziness). I’m also into drinks, I love boiling down fruits to make syrups for iced teas and various other drinks lol.

  • christy

    i love painting and ceramics.

  • Amanda

    My 2 beautiful kids pretty much consume my life. I have also been interested in photography for a while now. I love the challenge of capturing a moment!

  • RinaA

    I was into baking, but then I went on a post-baby diet and stopped. So now, besides sewing and crafting in general, I also exercise – my favorite is zumba :)

  • Crunchy Con Mommy

    I’m also interested in parenting and running!

  • Kristy

    I also reading and home decorating!

  • Barbarah

    Sewing! (of course) and right now also into preparing for a second baby to grace us with his / her presence… :)
    (I’m also very much into my daughter and boyfriend, but that’s not really a hobby, is it? :))

  • Mia

    Baking! Lately I have been trying to figure out a good bread recipe. After a couple failed attempts, I am still working on it!

  • Julie

    I’m into cooking/baking, writing, and independent publishing–zines and chapbooks.

  • Mai

    I love baking vegan goodies!

  • Maggie

    I love dancing! My favorite is country dancing at an old southern dance hall with a good ol’ cowboy but I also love salsa dancing! I am looking for some fun skirts to make and wear to the dance hall with my boots!!

  • Gaby

    I am also interested in science, but have put it aside to stay at home with my daughter and indulge in craft planning (so far have not been able to actually DO many crafts!)
    Our old roommate found pictures of his cat (same as yours, but with a shorter hair cut, if possible) in a chain email with pictures of funny looking animals! :D

  • Heather Daenitz

    My interests include growing grapevines, making wine, and then drinking it! I am currently going to school for winemaking, which is awesome!

  • Melissa

    I hope it is not to late! I love that pillow!

  • Melissa

    Sorry I was so excited I hit return before I could tell you what my other interests were. I love to knit, bake and spend as much quality time as I can with my teen daughters :)

  • Amy Armato

    Letterpress, letterpress, letterpress.

  • Marci Girl

    Reading! Love me some good books!

  • Sommer

    Running (more like jogging) and Flipping through decorating magazines.

  • Heather

    I’m very into baking and cooking (as in, would love to quite grad school and bake things for a living) and photography!

  • Jennifer

    Loving your blog! I love knitting and photography. I also enjoy gardening. Even when the worms eat my tomatoes. :(

  • MelodyJ

    I like baking, knit, crochet and computer games.

    • MelodyJ

      You said besides crafting. That would be reading. I love getting lost in a good story.

  • Sara Belvin

    Knitting gifts for friends and family.

  • Sarah Edmonds

    I enjoy exercising, reading, and spending time with my 7 year old daughter!

  • Rebecca

    I bake, do yoga, and garden!

  • Lee

    I am learning knitting and love playing the piano, embroidery of any type and baking tarts and pies.

  • Carrie

    I love my succulent garden! Lately, I’m also very interested in working out and getting healthy.

  • AliLynne

    Reading… I’m always have some variety of reading material with me, no matter where I go!

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