cat naps & cover skirts

This is where Fifi is napping right at this very moment. What a lunatic.

Speaking of the book, I was in J Crew the other day and spied this skirt which is almost exactly the same as the Sewing School Skirt from my book cover! The J Crew version is $128 – but you could make your own with just a couple yards of fabric and a spare afternoon, for a fraction of the price.

Would it be immodest of me to say I think my version is cuter than J Crew’s? Yeah, that’s probably immodest. But I think the pleat placement on theirs is a little awkward. And I like the chunkier buttons on my version too. Plus? $128 vs DIY? No contest!

Also on the subject of the book, I want to thank the cool web site for featuring a project from Sewing in a Straight Line today and offering up three free copies for giveaway, in honor of National Sewing Month! I’m stoked about this because I’ve been a big fan of Jane Pratt’s titles since back in the Sassy days, so it makes me very happy to have my book featured on her site now. I wonder what 14-year-old me, locked in my bedroom obsessively reading and re-reading my stack of Sassies while working on craft projects, would have thought of that.

Be sure to pop over to to enter to snag a copy of the book and to check out writer Rachel McPadden’s adorable version of my One-Hour Skirt (made from a vintage tablecloth, nice!) and read about her self-imposed challenge to sew 30 things in 30 days this month. Which is pretty insane, but as she puts it: “The more you sew, the more you know. Share needles.” You go, Rachel!

And you may now resume your regularly scheduled cat nap.


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  • thezenofmaking

    You might just have the cutest kitty ever. I wish mine were that calm!

  • Judith

    Your pleats are going in the right direction. Much more flattering!

  • Yan

    I agree, your skirt is definitely cuter, fresher, classy. Love the big buttons too.
    Your cat is pretty cute too.

  • Katelyn

    I must agree that your skirt is much better, and I love JCrew, but they really didn’t think about those pleats on this one! Plus DIY is always better! I was trying to enter into the giveaway at xojane but it won’t save my post! :( I didn’t see an email address to contact her, sad that I will miss the giveaway. Still hoping to win a signed copy!

  • A.Kath

    Fifi is soooo cute, I took one look at her and said, “HELLO KITTY”……

  • Teresa

    Any suggestions for lining this shirt? I have some wool that I think would be really cute for this pattern, but its a bit too rough for against the skin. I made the 1 hour skirt today! It was more than an hour but it was vintage kimono silk.

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