recipe ripoff: cashew milk from Blueprint Cleanse

A little while back, I did a 5-day juice fast with Blueprint Cleanse. (It’s a liquids-only juice fast program that provides you with six fresh-made, nutrient-rich juices per day — and it’s awesome! Five days without food and you’re never hungry and feel totally satisfied. Amazing.) Anyway, my favorite part of the experience was juice #6, the rich, lightly sweet and cinnamon-scented cashew milk drink that you get to enjoy each day. It was like a delicious, delicious dessert and felt entirely indulgent — but was actually totally good for you.

I loved it so much that after the cleanse was over, I was on a mission to get more of it. But Blueprint doesn’t sell their juices a la carte, and my exhaustive search of juice bars and health food stores in NYC didn’t turn up anything even close.

But after making homemade almond milk last week, I had a feeling I might be able to recreate that delicious Blueprint cashew elixir in my own home. And I was right! I can’t believe how easy it turned out to be.

Almost Just Like Blueprint Cleanse Cashew Milk

1 cup raw cashews
4 cups water
3 tablespoons agave, or to taste
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
optional to make chai: 1/2 teaspoon each ground nutmeg, ginger and cardamom

1. Soak cashews in water overnight.

2. Blend cashews and their water in a blender until smooth. If desired, strain through cheesecloth. (Cashews are soft enough that they blend almost completely into a liquid, so straining isn’t really necessary. I only sort-of strained it this time, and next time I probably won’t bother. The result is a kind of “chewy” drink, but I don’t mind that. Protein!)

3. Stir in remaining ingredients. To stay true to Blueprint, add only agave, vanilla and cinnamon. To take it up a notch (which I highly recommend!), make it chai by adding the remaining spices.


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  • Paige

    I tend to not cook with nuts often as I have allergic family members :( but I love your directions to make things chai! I LOVE chia! I'll have to try adding that to my own regular black tea and save some money! :-D

  • Jocelyn

    I'm a little confused about how to use this outside of doing the whole cleanse. Would you use this as a meal replacement?

  • Brett Bara

    hey Paige – sorry, I can see how that was confusing! Outside of the cleanse, I just use this as a beverage or a smoothie. I really like it as a light pre-breakfast to take the edge off if I'm starving in the morning!

  • Brett Bara

    oops, that last comment was for Jocelyn.
    But – hi, Paige! I hope you try the chai trick in your tea, it's yummy. :)

  • jesse

    this is literally like "reading" in a mirror! i did the blueprint cleanse and went on a hardcore HUNT for cashew milk – chelsea market has a little place that sells it but its not comparable in my opinion. you have no idea how grateful i am for this post!!!

  • Lauren

    OMG thank you so much for posting this recipe!! I've been looking for it EVERYWHERE. Do you think you could substitute almonds for cashews???

  • Brett Bara

    Lauren – You can definitely use almonds instead of cashews – I've done it and I posted about it here, actually:

    have fun!

  • beth

    Thank you for that recipe and I am reluctant to ask you this, but I can not afford this "cleanse". I ordered their book, but it does not have all the recipes for all their drinks that those shelling out the big bucks are getting.. Can you pretty please post a little bit more of what they offer so we DIY's who are currently under the strain of a bad economy could have a shot at being healthy? I would be so grateful, and I am sure many others would be as well.

  • Brett Bara

    hi Beth, I wish I could help but I'm really not a good resource on DIY cleanse. The rest of the Blueprint Cleanse consists of vegetable and fruit juices, and I've never attempted to make those myself. (I wish I could!) sorry, and good luck!

  • Anonymous

    I just finished the 3-day foundation cleanse and was happy to find this recipe. This is perfect! Thank you so much!

  • sarahsarahsarah

    Thanks for posting this recipe! I am in the process of soaking the cashews and it occurred to me – what is the serving size? I can't imagine it is meant to be one serving size because 1 cup of cashews is about 800 calories!! Thanks again :)

    • Brett

      This is meant to be several servings – serving size depends on how much you feel like drinking in one shot, but the batch definitely makes at least 6-8 servings I think.

  • Melisa

    Just made this and it came out great – thanks so much!

  • Heather

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! Very excited to try this. Although I might use almonds since that is what I have… Yay!

  • Amanda

    Was so happy to find this, as I was searching a recipe to replicate BPC juice#6! During my cleanse, I would put this particular juice in the freezer for about 45 min. before drinking, ending up with slushy, shake-like goodness.

  • Kip

    Can you give me an idea what the consistency is supposed to be like? We tried it and it was like dirty water…Is it supposed to be “thick” at all? It didn’t even seem as thick as skim milk.

    • Brett

      It should be somewhat thick, maybe as thick as cream… not sure why yours was thin, maybe the amount of water you used, or do you have a super powerful blender that really liquified the nuts? You can feel free to play with the amount of water you blend it, to make it thicker to your preference. good luck!

  • Kristie

    I just bought a juicer & was wondering if anyone tried this recipe through a juicer.

  • Deanna

    Hi Brett, just wanting to clarify do you soak the cashews in the four cups of water and then blend that without adding anymore water? Have you or anyone put this Through an ice Cream maker? Sounds like a wonderful idea to me.

    • Brett

      hi – yep, you blend the cashews with the 4 cups of soaking water, and no need to add anything else. I’ve never tried the ice cream maker – very interesting idea!!

      • Deanna

        Thank you, soaking the cashews tonight, I may freeze some In the Ice cream maker just to see what happens, I’ll let you know!

  • http://CraftRoom Patryce

    I loved this recipe, I just added the cinnamon and nutmeg – I love the two extra ingredients and the chai is delicious

  • Deb

    Just made this. Wow!!! It’s a dead ringer for blueprint. So great. Nice job.

  • Amy

    Thanks for the recipe! I used my nutribullet: threw in all the ingredients and voila! It came out awesome! and much cheaper than blueprint! I added the spices and of course it was great.. thanks again!

  • Charlie

    They sell them at Westerly Market on 8th and 54th in case you were wondering.

  • Eat.Style.Play

    Thanks for posting!! I’m going to give this a try.

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