make it better: craftalong for sandy relief *UPDATE: NEW DEADLINE*


[We also have a new shipping address for projects! See below.]

I was very lucky to make it through Hurricane Sandy without any damage to my home or myself or my loved ones. I am so grateful. It’s been heartbreaking to see images of the devastation that has occurred right here in my adopted hometown… and making matters worse, it has started to get cold in New York City this week. It’s as if winter has suddenly arrived, and that is the last thing we need right now. Many, many Sandy victims are living without power, which means no heat. Many of them have lost a lot if not all of their possessions, which means limited supplies of warm clothes.

Yesterday, Natalie from A Dose of The Delightful (another New York-based crafty blogger) and I started thinking about what we could do to help those victims without electricity, heat, or even proper shelter. We knew there had to be a way to harness the power of crafters to help–because if there’s anything knitters, crocheters and sewers are good at, it’s making warm things. So we decided to create Make It Better – A Craftalong for Sandy Relief. The goal? Rally crafters to make warm hats, scarves, blankets, mittens, socks and sweaters–and deliver them to people in need as soon as possible.

Will you join us?



MAKE IT. Simply knit, crochet or sew a warm garment or blanket–items most needed are hats, socks, gloves/mittens, scarves, sweaters, and blankets. Use one of the quick and easy free patterns we found below, or any pattern you like. If you’d like to include other small items to help the relief effort, feel free to donate another warm garment (new or gently used, please). We are hearing reports that general clothing is no longer needed, so please restrict your donations to warm winter items only.
SEND IT. Send your finished item to 9 Thompson Street, Natalie Soud, 310 West Broadway, New York, NY 10013 as soon as possible. We want to start distributing warm goods within a week or less, so stitch something quick and send it off! Our volunteers will deliver the items to various points in and around New York City. (Although we’ll start delivering immediately, we’ll be accepting donations for the near future, so free free to send projects whenever they’re complete. Donations accepted until Friday, November 6!)
CRAFTALONG. Share what you’ve made and help spread the word! Please, please, please blog, Tweet, Facebook, Instagram, and Pin that you’re participating in the Sandy Craftalong as soon as you can (like today!) so that we can get as many hands stitching as possible. Then, when you finish your project, share what you’ve made by posting it on your own blog and on our Facebook page at Also remember to use the tags  #makeitbetter and #sandycraftalong
6. Scarf (crocheted) via Vickie Howell for Bernat – you just need a free account to view the pattern on the web, or here’s the PDF


So let’s all get stitching, shall we? I think I’m going to cast on the bulky knit hat today–it looks like it will only take a couple of hours to make, and I think I have a lot of yarn in my stash that would be perfect for it. Please let us know what you’re making by posting on our Facebook page. Please see the note below on our donation deadline! Thank you!

We are so, so excited to see what everyone whips up to help those in need! Thank you for being part of our efforts, and please help spread the word!

xoxo, Brett & Natalie



Our craftalong has been an overwhelming success and we can’t thank you enough for your interest! In our first day of receiving shipments, we received OVER 1000 items!! Amazing! We have gotten many, many messages telling us more projects are on the way, so we know that this is just the beginning trickle, and we are expecting several thousand more items. For this reason, we are asking that donations not be sent after Friday, November 16.

We truly appreciate your efforts and we can certainly feel how much everyone wants to help Sandy victims. But since we are a small team, we want to keep our donations manageable so that we can do our best to get your items into peoples’ hands as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Thank you again for your amazing support! The response has been beyond our wildest dreams and we are blown away by the love we’re feeling from crafters everywhere!


SHIPPING ADDRESS NOTE: We have changed the address where projects should be shipped. The new address, which can also be seen in the updated image above, is: Natalie Soud, 310 West Broadway, New York, NY 10013.

If you’ve already shipped to the old address, don’t worry! It will get to us either way.



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  • jennifer

    I posted about it and will see what I have that I can send!


  • Emily Furda

    Do they need baby/toddler items as well? I have a baby blanket/toddler size already done & I can give that now & have plenty of time to make another one to the soon to be mom.

  • Mary

    I have four or five kids hats that I was making with my stash for some unknown charity. This is it. I’ll be mailing it tomorrow. They’ll fit 5 to 8 year olds. Encore yarn, Red Heart, part wool, all washable.
    I KNEW I was waiting for a good cause!!!

  • Jennifer C.

    I appreciate you doing this. I know some people in those severely effected areas. I am doing all I can to help, and hope to be able to start sewing soon. I know they appreciate this work. So thank you!

  • LJ Roberts

    If you use acrylic yarn, please remember that using a yarn Made in the USA also helps support and rebuilt our economy. And that’s called a WIN-WIN!
    Here’s are links to Red Heart and Lion Brand yarns Made in the USA.
    Red Heart Super Saver becomes very soft once washed.

  • Barbara Martin

    Have two red and navy scarves left over from the special Olympics project. Will mail them tomorrow.

  • Jana Hassett

    I ‘d like to be sure the firefighters of Breezy Point and their families get some. Are they part of your giving list?

    • Brett

      hi Jana – we will try to check with them to see if they’re accepting this type of donation. Needs seem to be changing all the time so we’ll do our best to donate items where they are most needed! thanks!

  • Trista

    Iwould also like to know if baby hats are needed a have at least 5 that I could send

    • Brett

      Hi Trista – we will certainly include any baby items that are sent. I’m sure they will be welcome. thank you so much!

  • Christina Bare

    Grabbed my hook and yarn immediately after reading! Excited to do anything to help! Having survived a few hurricanes myself, I am eager to give to those who have not been as fortunate! A wonderful idea. Thank you, ladies!

  • Lindsay

    I will definitely start crafting for those in need. I live in Vermont and was very lucky the storm took a wide turn because I too would need help instead of trying to help others. I will also spread word on my blog that I just started called the Crafty Queen and on my own personal facebook page.

  • margaret grandstaff

    I will make a couple of things I will also check my stash. I just delivered 8 lapgans in the past 2 days to very needed Staten Islnders. I think this is a great idea.God Bless

  • Jessica from Alameda, CA

    I have a couple of scarves that were waiting for a home. I’ll send them right away. :) Thanks for organizing this!

  • Sandra Paiva

    Would love to send items to help out
    Have lots I can send.

  • Ashley

    Is this going for non crocheted items as well, I have baby formula and some clothes I would like to send as well as hats I made for this

    • Brett

      Hi Ashley, we are asking folks not to send general clothing just because we think it might be too much for us to handle in terms of distribution, and we have heard reports that general clothing is not needed as much as warm winter items. But we can take baby formula. Thank you for whatever you are able to send!

  • Karen Nichols

    What about slippers? I have a simple slipper pattern from 1949 and made some last year, I have a few pair left over…

    • Brett

      Slippers are a great idea, send em along! thank you!

  • Susan P

    Sending out 6 hats tomorrow!

  • Carol

    I have a super warm scarf and a cozy cowl! Both will be in the mail tomorrow by Priority! I’m so happy I could help in some way.
    Thank you!

  • Barbara Reese Snodgrass

    I have nearly 200 pieces hat scarves sets,baby blankets ,hats booties and toys,also lap warmers for older lady’s I will try to get them mailed out I am 66 years old ,Moneys tight but I have been Blessed THIS IS A GREAT IDEA

  • Juliann

    I’m crocheting hats and scarfs.

  • Sande Bihlmaier

    I have a stash of stuff for sale on etsy but I’m gonna pull it off of there and send it out. Can you use afghans? I have a kid size afghan that is just sitting here and I’d be happy to send it along as well.

    • Brett

      we can definitely use afghans. thank you so much Sande!

  • Geri Gossard

    what about recycled items like too small sweatshirts along with made items?

    • Brett

      hi Geri, We want to focus on really warm winter gear rather than general clothing… but if your sweatshirts are good and warm, I’m sure they would be welcome so feel free to send them. We just want to avoid having people send tons of used clothing of all kinds because it might be more than we can handle in terms of distribution. So feel free to use your judgment. thank you!

  • Audrey YAKUB

    I have several hats scarves and socks in my stash. Will start making more. Thanks for organizing this.

  • http://facebook Carol Harvey

    I will get to work right away. I have tons of yarn that I have been needing to use up. I can whip up some scarves and hats in no time and get them set off. I live in Colorado but was in NYC last week and there during the hurricane. Glad to help

  • http://facebook Carol Harvey

    Was there last week and saw the devestation. Would be glad to help from here in Colorado

  • Patti Luke

    I have several items in my stash and will be sending them as soon as I finish this baby sack!

  • donna knight

    I have some hats, scarves and an Afghan already made. Be glad to send them. Thank you for doing this and enabling us to help

  • Pauline

    Will make what I can and send soon. Thank you for doing this

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  • Debra Addison

    Would like to send some baby blankets I have, but do not see the address to send it to.

  • Debra Addison

    OOPs… sorry I found the address.

  • jessica

    I have maybe a dozen pair of altered “magic stretch” gloves including a few kiddo sizes…I would be happy to send along if you think they would help/

    • Brett

      hi Jessica, thanks! are they warm gloves or more decorative? We want to focus on really warm things, so if they’re warm, send ‘em! thank you!

  • Janet

    I have wanted to know what to do to help so Thanks for doing this! I have several scarves that are brand new and I never wear them (not hot enough here) so I’ll send them as well as a few jackets/coats. I already donated to the Red Cross and my son, a truck driver, is delivering and moving around big PG&E trucks & equipment wherever it needs to go in NY & NJ (so proud of him). I’ve been through several hurricanes, but, luckily no major loss or damage. Can’t imagine what those poor folks are going through. This is a great idea and I’ll share it with everyone I know who sews or knits, etc! Also, I saw somewhere that powdered baby formula & diapers were needed. Will you take that, too?

    • Brett

      hi Janet, sure, we’ll take baby formula and diapers. thank you so much!

  • Raquel E.

    My mom & I will get started on various hats & various sizes. My mother will be making the bulk because I am limited to one hand due to surgery but I have the funds to mail the hats :)

  • Shelley Harder

    Will send some items from Canada. We know what cold is all about. I have quite a few things in my stash bin made up already for the cold weather.

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  • Amy

    I’m in Jersey. Do you know of any other organizations here that are accepting similar donations?

    • Brett

      hi Amy, I haven’t heard of anything, but you could check with local churches, etc. good luck!

  • Sarah

    LOVE this!!! Emotions are still so high, let use that energy for something good! :)

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  • Kate Carpenter

    This is a great idea, girls. I’ve written a blog post about it and hope it helps and brings results.
    ( I’ll be sending my handknit baby blanket out today as well. Thanks for caring.

  • G. McC in Texas

    Copying /expanding from my post to Twitter; based on my own experience.

    Crafters can do more by sending monetary gifts to #Sandy relief orgs.
    Ex: American #RedCross can get THREE full-size blankets for $15, which is price of economical yarn for ONE baby blanket /lapghan. (Former #RedCross staff member, checked relief-blanket cost with local Chapter).

    Links on why monetary gifts are more effective and how to donate:

    • Brett

      hi, thanks for your comment. I’ve heard from lots of craftalong participants this week that they have no money to donate but they have LOTS of leftover yarn and time, and this is one thing they can do to help the cause. I think everyone is trying to help in their own way.

      • G. McC in Texas

        Understood. :

        Lowest USPS parcel cost from San Antonio, TX, to NYC is just over $5.00 (Priority Mail flat rate box). Red Cross blankets, per my former colleague, currently cost the Chapter $4.50 each. With that in mind, I’m choosing to donate cost of yarn, postage, time, and labor to more than one relief agency. Your mileage may vary. :-)

        PS I’m a Jersey tomato, originally from East Amwell Township. I’m hearing that power is still out on the road where I lived.

  • Paige

    Thank you so much for organizing this!!! Once I heard about the cold I was wondering where I could send items. I have quite a few hats and maybe even a scarf or two already made that I can send. I’ll have to check my stash! I will also start making more. Thanks again!

  • Sue

    I think this is wonderful and so kind of you to do this. Sending somethings now!

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  • Carol Kitts

    My daughter and her partner are in Broad Channel with no heat, power, water, etc. Their neighbors and they are FREEZiING, so hope you can visit there as well. Rockaway is in pretty bad shape as well. Will get to work ASAP- Thank you for doing this!

  • Ruth

    Every year I knit 52 or more acrylic caps for kids and tihs year would like to donate them to Sandy survivor.s. I will be driving from south on 95 just before Thanksgiving. Is there some place I could deliver them wtihout going into the city? I would like to save the cost of shipping–so if I could bring them directly to one of your donation points, I would be lad to do that. Please let me know. by contacting me at my email address.

  • Cathy K

    I just learned of this wonderful, worthwhile project. We will be discussing this topic tonight at Nebraska Knit and Crochet Guild open knitting at Whole Foods. Thinking of all East coast people everyday and hoping things look brighter very soon. I’m sure we will be knitting and sending warm woolies soon!

  • Linda

    Thank you so much for doing this! I haven’t got the money to donate, but i do have allot of yarn in my stash. I’ve got a scarf and baby afghan i can send now and will be getting to work on making hats, etc….. My prayers go out to all who are affected and Bless you for allowing us to be able to contribute in a way that we are able to.

  • Genevieve

    This is awesome! Some friends and I are getting together on the 17th to put together a blanket. Can’t wait to send it in!

  • Karin

    I’ve got one hat done now and will try to get 2 more by the week end done. So I can put these in the mail to you this coming Monday.

  • Tine

    I am a born and bred New Joisey girl, and just moved to Montana in 2010. So many people were impacted by this storm and the one to come. Its like nothing I have ever seen in the 32 years I lived in NJ.
    I am currently resurrecting my rusty crocheting skills, and I can probably whip up a few scarves a day. I just want to make sure they are still needed and welcomed before I go on my personal craft-a-thon.
    God Bless you for helping everyone. I have sent stuff to help people on the East Coast. My entire family lives in NJ and thank goodness there was no injuries or worse, and what happened to the houses and towns and beaches, they can be fixed.
    Thank you again for helping us have a place to send our gifts to, and make sure they get to people who need them so badly.
    Hugs and keep up the wonderful work!!!

    • Brett

      Definitely still needed! thank you so much!

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  • Mama Chelly

    I have been waiting for a good reason to go through the family coat closet, hat/mitten/scarf drawer, and blanket closet. I can craft a few items also. You will take it all? (Yes, gently used, will wash everything before sending. Most blankets will be baby or lap-sized.) Please advise. Thank you.

    • Brett

      hi, that sounds fantastic, we’ll take it! thanks!

  • http://facebook Arlene Coffey

    I am new to knitting(teaching myself). I have a few things knitted and would like to send them. I hope they can be used.. So glad to know about this.

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  • Lynne

    I just sent 30 hats to the old address.
    Can you also use lap robes? I make them for people in wheelchairs and have about 10 made up right now. They are 2 feet by 3 feet.

    You all are doing a wonderful thing!

    • Brett

      hi Lynne, thank you so much! I’m unsure about the lap robes, it’s hard to say whether or not our items will make it to people in wheelchairs. I wish I could tell you to go ahead and send them but I’m not 100% sure. If you have another place to donate them where they can definitely be put to use, that might be better – we want to make sure they get into the hands of someone who can really use them. Thank you so much for your efforts! 30 hats is amazing!

  • Cora

    I have 175 crocheted hats of various sizes that I am trying to find someone in Staten Island (I’m a former resident and would have been affected had I still lived there) to take them and pass them out. The three churches with whom I’m connected are no longer accepting clothing. Is it too late to join you all?

    • Brett

      hi Cora, it’s definitely not too late! I can’t promise that we’ll be delivering to Staten Island specifically, but we’ll definitely donate within NYC or the neighboring areas. thank you!!

  • Darlene

    I have a baby blanket and a bunch of hats done. Will send them off tomorrow.

  • heyjenrenee

    I’m sending hats and mittens first thing tomorrow – thanks so much!

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  • http://craftroomcraftalongforsandy Barbara Reese Snodgrass

    Hope to get box’s sent out today all items a were made by may sister and I this summer for a craft show we are happy to be able to help .

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  • Douglas Calder

    We are attempting to help with Hurricane Sandy relief by selling our custom designed “Sandy Scarf” to the public. Proceeds go to the American Red Cross as well as scarves may be donated by purchaser to a specific individual or to the Red Cross..

    Please let me know if this is of interest.


    Douglas Calder
    Crafters For chemo Copay Inc.

  • G. McC in Texas

    Just posted the “Make It Better” link at’s crochet blog, along with results of my own Hurr. Sandy relief research. Adding spaces to link in case you have a vigilant spam blocker. :-)
    http: //crochet .about .com /b /2012 /11 /05n /how-crocheters-and-crafters-can -help-victims-of-hurricane-sandy .htm

    Here’s where to calculate USPS parcel rates online:
    https: //www .usps .com /ship /ship-a-package .htm

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  • Elizabeth Mohsin

    If anyone is interested in a FREE CROCHET hat pattern, I have listed my “Quick and easy earflap hat” pattern for free so that they can be made for donations.

  • Rosalie Bechen

    I am working on some scarves & will be sending them out next week. I too have family in NJ who are affected by the storm. Thank you for creating this charity & God Bless!

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  • Heather Daenitz

    I have a winter jacket that I have worn a grand total of one time, will you accept this?

    I will also be sending along beanies and scarves made by yours truly as well as some that I purchased and some that were made by friends.

    • Brett

      hi Heather, sure, we’ll roll it in with our other items. thanks!

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  • Teresa Eller

    Thank you so much for doing this. Wanted to let you know that my co workers and I sat down on the 10 and Made 200 scarves from fleece. I will be sending them your way today. I have hope that they will help out. Let them know that we are all praying for them.

    • Teresa Eller

      They are on there way.

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  • Caitlin T.

    A quilt is on its way! I’m so happy to hear that it’s been a success so far!

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  • Susan P

    FYI–I sent to the old address and the package was returned today. I cannot afford to resend it now. I’m disappointed since I spent the money for postage for nothing!

    • Brett

      hi Susan, I’m really sorry about that. I’m not sure what is going on with the address – the “old” address is actually a working address where packages are being received all the time (it’s the receivables department of a hotel), so it should have worked. I have no idea why your package was sent back, and I’m so sorry the postage was wasted. Thank you for your efforts – I hope you can find a local cause where you can donate your items? xo Brett

  • Jessica Sloan

    Here at Remnants we are incredibly touched and devastated for our friends on the Eastern Seaboard. We’re sending 2 beautiful batik quilts your way today. Glad we made the deadline! Don’t give up East Coast!!!

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  • Colene Myers

    I just sent out a box of hats for adults and children, hope this help…. Please let me know if when you receive them…..Happy Holidays

  • Colene Myers

    I just sent out a box of hats for adults and children, hope this help…. Please let me know if when you receive them…..Happy Holidays

  • Blair

    OH NO! That’s really too bad there was a deadline set. Today I was all ready to mail and popped on here for the ship to address and saw the Nov 16th was the last day.

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