introducing clever crocheted accessories!

I’m super excited today to share an exciting new project: I edited a book of crochet accessories! Woo! Clever Crocheted Accessories, published by Interweave Press, is on sale now. My role in this project was to come up with ideas for a collection of crocheted accessories that were modern and stylish, yet classic at the same time. Then I asked all my favorite designers in the industry to contribute projects for the book, and we worked together to pick yarn and colors, and fine-tune the direction of the projects. The result is truly a stellar collection of designs by all the best names in the crochet world!

I really, really enjoyed working on this book because I love collaborating with designers on ideas and seeing it all come to life. It’s just fun to be part of the creation of so many cool designs. Want to take a peek at what this amazing dream team of designers created? Here ya go (links to all the designers are at the bottom of this post:

(Oh and make sure you read all the way to the bottom to enter to win a copy of Clever Crocheted Accessories!)


Paper tape yarn earrings by Kazekobo

 Motif neckerchief my Maryse Roudier

Twisted ear warmer by Cal Patch

Lacy crochet socks by Kim Kotary

Cabled fingerless mitts by Linda Permann

Amazing motif bag by Regina Rioux


This book really is all about the contributors who created the amazing projects, so I encourage you to visit each of their blogs (links below). Many of these folks are hosting book giveaways on their blogs this week, so go enter and you just might snag yourself a free copy of Clever Crocheted Accessories. And either way, you’re sure to see tons of amazing crochet eye candy by checking out these talented designers:

Ellen Gormley
Linda Cyr
Drew Emborsky
Marly Bird
Kim Kotary
Cal Patch
Linda Permann
Faith Hale
Lauren Osbourne
Regina Rioux
Robyn Chachula
Antonio Limuaco
Vickie Howell
Amy Polcyn
Maryse Roudier
Mari Lynn Patrick
KJ Hay
Doris Chan

And if that’s not enough to keep you busy, check out this preview of the book (where you can flip through some of the pages and see even more projects). And finally, click here to buy! This book would make a great gift for any crafty types on your holiday list (or a great gift for yourself)!

I’ve got a copy to give away, hooray! To enter, leave a comment on this post and tell me which project from the book you’d most like to make. The contest is now closed. Congrats to winner Hayley!!


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  • Tracey Jones

    I was going to say I wanted to make the hats and the fingerless mitts; that was before I saw the preview. Now I want to make everything!

  • anne

    I am really in love with Lacy crochet socks by Kim Kotary. I have been looking for some awesome crochet socks.

  • Ruth Georgina

    Wow..this sounds great with so many wonderful designers. I would love this..Ruth G.

  • Laura Lopez

    I’d love to make the cabled fingerless mitts. They would make an awesome Christmas gift for my sister, who is *always* cold! And the color would be perfect on her.

  • Alexis

    I want to make the feathered cloche, without the feather for me! Very pretty.

  • Heather

    I love the earrings and the ear warmer. Congrats on the book!

  • Melissa Snead

    All of the crocheted items are wonderful! I would love to try my hand at the amazing motif bag :)
    Cheers, Melissa

  • maggie

    Those patterns look great! I think I’d make the twisted ear warmer first.

  • Gloria

    The cabled fingerless mitts!! I do love them all!!

  • Jo

    Congratulations to you and all the designers on the book! I looked through the preview and am torn between the cowl and the bag for me and cabled fingerless mits as gifts for the rest of the family!

  • Karen

    Its a tie I’d like to make the fingerless mitts & twisted ear wraps. The most “interesting ” item I ever made was The Infamous Dreaded Brown Sweater. It’s a long story.

  • Hayley

    I love the twisted ear warmer! It’s very clever.

    • Brett

      Congrats Hayley, you’re the winner!! :) I’ll email you with details. xo Brett

  • Jamie

    I love those socks!!

  • Jamie

    I just saw the feathered cloche… i want to make both! :-D

  • Annie

    Lots of cool ideas. My favorites from what I’ve seen are the fingerless gloves and feathered cloche. Love the look of both.

  • Kate M

    This looks like a great book! A go-to book for ideas to make gifts for others! I LOVE the Amazing Motif bag!!! I have seen that in a few other places that are talking about this book and I just need to have it! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Amy

    While I love EVERYTHING Doris Chan does, I think I’d make the Sedimentary Hat first. One for me, one for my fella! (Not matchy-matchy though. Different colors.)

  • Annie

    I’d love to try the belt! I want to learn Tunisian crochet, and I think it would add great texture to an outfit; I always struggle with texture. I try to follow Clinton from What Not to Wear’s advice: in every outfit, incorporate color, pattern, texture, and shine. I am rarely successful =P

  • Andrea G. aka SpringSplndr

    I would most likely make the socks. My goal for 2013 is to master crocheted socks. I can’t wait to see a copy of your book in person!

  • Jane Coombs

    Definitly one of the hats. I get teased about my current hat which is the same color as my red hair. Time to shake things up and make a new one.

  • Mary

    I’ve been waiting for this book! Would love to have a copy. It would make my day. Good luck to us all. :-)

    • Mary

      P.S. It’s the EARRINGS I’d love to make….they’re gorgeous!

  • JeanP

    Since I like to crochet quick hats and headbands I would make the twisted ear warmer. It looks great in variegated yarn which own in copious amounts,

  • Kris

    I love the Geometry Shawl and that would be my first project. Thanks for the chance to win, Brett!

  • Cindy G.

    I would love to make those gorgeous lacy socks! I’ve always wanted to make a pair of socks (and tried socks as my second knitting project… bad idea), but crocheted socks always look so chunky. I also really like the motif bag- fun, funky, floral!

  • Donna B.

    Those fingerless mitts are calling my name! Practical, elegant, timeless!

  • Patti S.

    This book looks lovely. I would like to try the twisted ear warmers. What a great book and projects!

  • Megann H

    The paper tape earrings or the twisted ear warmer would be my first projects!

  • Sheri

    I think either the Motif neckerchief my Maryse Roudier or Twisted ear warmer by Cal Patch, or maybe both.

  • Karen M

    Love the twisted ear warmer! Also would like to try my hand at a foot project and crochet those cute socks!

  • Carolyn

    I’m not really a hat person, but I love the hat!

  • Kim

    I would love to make the cloche!

  • Nina

    The paper tape earrings would be such a cool project, so unique and unorthodox :>

  • Maryann

    I’d love to try the socks!

  • Julia D

    The fingerless mits would be lovely to keep my Twittering hands warm in this cold UK winter.

  • Rachel

    My favorite is the fine feathered cloche – I love the ribbon detail and it’s a project I think I could actually finish.

  • Mike

    My wife would die if I made her that motif bag.

  • Jennifer W

    I’m totally digging the Amazing Bag Motif! How clever. :)

  • kelli

    that bag is amazing!

  • Mary Ann

    Beautiful book….not your granny’s crochet! I would love to make the coin purse or the ipad cover…

  • Kacy

    I love the hat on the cover and those cabled fingerless mitts. But I also like the motif bag. It’s hard to choose.

  • Teresa

    I want to make everything! I think my top winner is the cloche hat with a feather. I audibly gasped when I saw it, so I think that picks it for me :)

  • Lizzy

    It’s a tough decision between the first beret or the final bag – both fabulous!

  • Lisa

    What a great looking book! I would love to make the motif neckerchief, it’s gorgeous. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the projects are, so many favorite crochet designers in one book.

  • Lynn Ann S.

    I would make the Neckerchief and the Motif Bag! I love them both!

  • Ronnie

    Love the fingerless gloves.

  • Judi Hoskins

    All the projects look fabulous but I think the first thing I’d want to try would be the twisted ear warmer. It is very unique.

  • Migdalia F.

    I liked all the pictures you posted, but the one that caught my eye is the Amazing Motif Bag. My black shoulder bag I use regularly has one of its straps coming loose. I am unemployed and have been looking for a job unsuccesfully, but I have a bag full of yarn that was given to me a while back. This bag pattern would be perfect for me to make, and use up all that yarn I have. But, if I am not chosen, it is okay, too. I will gladly congratulate the winner. Good luck to all!!!

  • samie

    Love the designs! The lacy socks, the leaf earring! :) Gorgeous!

  • Marie

    Wow. There are so many fantastic projects in this book I can hardly pick a favourite. There is so much innovation and pure beauty in these designs. OK. If I am forced to choose one….the SATURDAY BERET on the cover begs me to make it. Again and again. I can see myself making this as a gift. After I’ve made one for myself! And the clever use of Bruges lace…really motivates me to add this technique to my repertoire! Thanks, Brett!

  • Judith

    I ♥ Amazing motif bag by Regina Rioux

  • Robin

    The cover beret made me go, “Wow!” And I think the socks look great as well.

  • Angela mcmicking

    Ths amazing motif bag. It’s crazy beautiful! :-)

  • Melissa

    I would LOVE to make the molly flower bag. Amazing!

  • Emily Furda

    I’m dying to make that Amazing Motif Bag. Looks so upscale yet fun!

  • Awilda

    I love the earrings!! I would make them with thinner multicolored yarn for a fun look for all seasons. Thicker yarn for fall looks and thinner for a summery lace look.

  • Rebecca

    I’d love to make the socks actually. I have no cute socks and this would be so fun to actually do something for myself. Now the bag my kids would love so I’d probably end up making three :)

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