catlady fridays: so many bunnies (+ easter project round-up)

When I woke up this morning, Fifi was suspiciously missing. I looked all around the apartment for her and she was nowhere to be seen–all I found was this little grey bunny in the dining room!

I guess it’s true what they say about bunnies multiplying so quickly, because what do you know, all of a sudden I found more…

This crabby little rabbit was hiding by a log in the living room…

And this one was trying to take a nap on Fifi’s chair!

Then I found this little rascal hopping along by the hallway…

And this especially cute one hanging out in the dining room. I think I’ll keep this one.

But as for the rest of them… I just don’t know what I’m going to do with all these bunnies.


Happy Easter, all! If you’ve got a little time for last-minute crafting this weekend, check out my recent eggy projects: 

Have fun! xoxo Brett & Fifi

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  • Amy

    That IS one cranky looking bunny! ;)

  • Arlene

    All those bunnies are soooo cute!! I would keep the last one also. That one is adorable. Happy Easter, Brett & Fifi xoxo

  • Kim

    I just about died of cuteness!

  • tracey

    holy cuteness!
    cat and craft lover

  • Richard M.

    L O L – literally. Very bunny.

  • CelticRose

    Oh dear! Poor Fifi! Lol!

    Your post put me in mind of this song:

  • Mimi Kolb (@BentoBoxGirl)

    I’d adopt that rascal in the hallway!

  • Jo

    Hope you have a very Happy Easter…
    Also want to thank you for sharing all the terrific things you do.

  • Kate/Massachusetts

    You can send any of those bunnies to my house! Fifi’s pictures always make me smile. She is awesome!

  • Jo Harper

    Brett Bara, you are one of the coolest Cat Ladies Ever! How did you get Fifi to wear those ears in all those pictures?? Truly, it’s an Easter miracle. (I have two fluffy cats, but I gave in and got them shaved already because I couldn’t take it anymore.)

    Buona Pasqua!

  • Kerstie

    Just found your blog via Pinterest. Your cat lady Fridays are killing ME!

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