Sewing in a Straight Line by Brett Bara – How to Sew a Skirt in One Hour from Rarebit Productions on Vimeo.

I’m so happy to share another of my web videos I’ve been working on with the good people at Rarebit Productions! We set out to make a series of mini episodes that would teach viewers how to sew projects from Sewing in a Straight Line while also giving a peek at some of the other projects from the book. We had a lot of fun making them (check out a behind-the-scenes here) and I hope you have fun watching them!

This video features my pal Amy and I making a little skirt, which you will see is ridiculously easy and quick to do. One cool thing about this project is that the pattern is written so that you make it to fit your own measurements, so those measurements can be a kid’s or an adults! I hope you enjoy, and let me know if you make a skirt!

Big thanks to Rarebit for all they did (which was a lot) to make these vids, and to Molly White for creating the lovely music.

A very, very special thank you to our wonderful sponsor Coats & Clark for making these videos possible! Thanks, Coats!

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  • Susan B.

    I learned to sew at the age of seven, using my mother’s trusty Singer sewing machine. She started me on gathered elastic-waist skirts (straight lines!), and I learned from there. I sewed lots and lots until I moved out on my own and then didn’t have a sewing machine. My mother bought me a very simple Singer model–the kind they use in home ec classes to teach beginners. It is now twenty years old and I’ve never liked it, never felt comfortable with it. The tension is always going screwy, the feeder seems to pull constantly at an angle. I am just now getting back into sewing after many years away, and I’d just like a machine that is truly my own. That’s my story.

    The new website looks great!

  • luvinthemommyhood

    Fab video and the book looks so good! I know you already announced your blog tour but if you’re looking for more places to add to your crafty stops I would be over the moon to have you!!! I’m a big fan of yours, adore Knit and Crochet Now & would be so excited to have a chance to review “Sewing in a Straight Line”! It would be an honor to be included. You can find my blog here:

    Happy stitching!

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  • Jessica Rindeikis

    I love this sooooo much. I am new to sewing and just got my first machine. Until now I have stuck to pillow cases and purses but now I may jump into clothing! This tutorial gives me enough confidence to actually try sewing something I can wear! Thank you!

  • Missy French

    Just watched this from the Craftzine link. Ordering the book from Amazon today!!
    I’m a quilter, so got the lines down. The idea of making a skirt, woo hoo! Looking forward to using my stash of
    quilt fabrics in a new way!! Even better, hope to upcycle some old jeans, plastic bags and various odds/ends into something groovy!!
    Thank you for filling the rest of my summer with some fun!! Heatwave and no pool, no longer a problem!

  • tingtingmamma

    Hi, Brett,

    Great video on the 1 hour skirt. I love the idea that you have your friend Amy demonstrate the sewing as you coach her step by step.
    What a wonder book idea to sew projects just using straight lines. It sure makes sewing very inviting and less intimidating to folks who are new to the sewing world. I wish your book were out when I first started my sewing adventure.

  • Deb Westbury

    I think by watching your video, I could do one of these…Thank You

  • Diane H K

    LOVE this tutorial! Time to fire up the sewing machine and hunt through my fabrics box! I’ve been needing a new skirt for work, and this is just the ticket.

  • Handmade

    Creative tutorial. it time to sew… thanks

  • Goldie Stetten

    I have been using the same little old singer since 1969. It only does a straight stitch, not even a zigzag. I started sewing in junior high after leaving a school with uniforms, Mom bought two new outfits for me and said that was it, since my four younger siblings needed clothes too.
    Most of my projects are home decor focused, drapes, slip covers, tablecloths, etc. Because my machine is so simple, I have learned couture and hand sewing quite well. I sure would love a new machine and a tutorial to go with it. Now that my children are grown and I have a new granddaughter, I would love to be ble to make clothes for her.

  • Vina H.

    Wow! I love the video and definitely will be purchasing the book. It made me feel like I can actually do this. I’m going to get my machine out of the closet and start sewing again. Thank You!

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  • JaneC

    I learned to sew as a teenager and used my mother’s old Singer 201 machine. I got my first machine, a Singer Genie when I went off to college. I used to sew a lot of my clothes back then. My current machine is about 10 years old. It is a Sears Kenmore. I would love new equipment and hope to get back into sewing for grandchildren some day.

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  • Judy Johnston

    Just looked at your new video for 1 hour skirt and the round bowl, can’t wait to get the book. Love you on the
    KCN show things are so much easier for me if I can see it being done,not much nin the reading of instructions somtimes I get lost. Your Great thanks

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  • http://manhattancraftroom catherine gonzalez

    hi brett

    my name is catherine im 8 and ilove your work and nice website knit and crocht today

  • http://manhattancraftroom catherine gonzalez

    your an amazing knitter

    p.s you know where i can get lessons???

    • Brett

      Thanks Catherine! You can get lessons at your local yarn shop or craft store. Have fun!!

  • Court Berger

    Thank you for posting the video! I bought the book which I love and thought I knew what I was doing lol, but after seeing the video realize what I missed! My first project was making the skirt above but for my 6 month old daughter, It certainly needs some work, but for my first time not too bad, the video made everything fall into place for me so I certainly appreciate it! I’ve also watched your loom knitting videos and want to thank you for posting those, I bought a loom knitting pattern/instruction book with a DVD that you created and so helpful! I’m a visual learner so seeing you doing it on screen helps me :)

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