egg-cellent egg-stravaganza at west elm!

I’m so pleased today to share this food feature I worked on with the amazing home goods store West Elm. Recently they asked me to develop a dozen deviled egg recipes for their spring catalog & blog, and being the egg fiend that I am, I was thrilled to egg-cept the challenge!

This was such a fun project. I came up with a basic deviled egg recipe plus twelve flavor variations that can be added to the base. All kinds of cool flavors like bloody mary deviled eggs, kim chi deviled eggs, beet & bleu cheese, bacon, asparagus, sriracha, and more!

West Elm photographed the eggs on their amazing serving pieces. Not only do they have some adorable spring-themed dishes, but they’ve got lots of egg-serving vessels as well. (I’m such a sucker for a good egg cup.)

And then, they put the whole package together on their web site with some really charming animation! So when you click through to view the feature, you’ll see eggs dancing around, ingredients marching on the tabletop, and bunnies and frogs hopping about. I’ve never seen deviled eggs look so cute!

Bonus points for some yarn making it into one shot!

The feature is also mentioned in the new West Elm catalog (the one with the Moroccan cover).

There’s me and my eggs, on page 42-43!

So click here to visit the West Elm site to view the cute animated feature and download my deviled egg recipes. I hope you’ll give some of them a try (especially if you find yourself with lots of hard-boiled eggs at Easter time)! I have to say, when I was creating these recipes I served a bunch of them at a party I hosted and they were a huge hit–they were literally the first thing at the party to go.

If you want to try several of the flavors, here’s a tip: mix up one batch of the basic deviled egg recipe, and divide the filling into four batches. Then pick four flavors you want to try and add 1/4 of the amount of the flavoring ingredients called for. It’s super easy to mix up mini-batches this way… so try a deviled egg tasting bar at your next party. It’s a real crowd pleaser!

Thanks again to West Elm for featuring my recipes! xoxo

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  • Minty

    sweet! as someone considered “the deviled egg girl” amongst her friends, I appreciate this highly!

  • MF

    Yum! I’ve never made deviled eggs before, but your recipe makes it look so easy. Also, I never knew there were so many egg-related products out there :D Eggs, chocolates, whatever crafts you are making… you really break it down so we can make them too!

  • Cathy Peskey

    Super cute and yummy!

  • Nora Mills

    I adore deviled eggs–can’t wait to try some of these recipes. Fortunately, my DH loves them too. We’re going to have a buffet some night soon! What a fun challenge.

  • Hol

    Love the soaking in beet juice idea, how cute!

  • A. Kath

    I made the Bloody Mary deviled eggs today with U.Danny’s homemade horseradish…. Simply Egg-licious….

  • Jessica

    Do you still have these recipes that you could post in a printer friendly version? I’d actually ripped out the page from the catalog because I loved the idea (which I can’t locate now and found myself here), but now I’m interested in the variations!

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