three cheers for a new chandelier

After installing my new bedroom light fixture, I was emboldened to take my electrical prowess to the next level and try my hand at installing a new chandelier in my dining room. I was a teeny bit concerned that this job might be over my head, but I went for it and I’m proud to report that Mission Chandelier was a huge success! That’s right–I put this bad boy in myself.

I don’t know what it is, but doing electrical work makes me feel like a total rock star. But really, it’s not at all hard to do. The trickiest part was the actual hanging of the light (not the scarier-seeming electrical/wiring), because when I took down the old light I discovered that things were a little, shall we say, unconventional, inside my 100-year-old ceiling. So I had to make a few extra trips to the hardware store, and there may or may not have been some cursing, but in the end it was totally doable.

Full disclosure, I did need to enlist the help of a second set of hands for this project, because the fixture was too heavy to hold up by myself with one hand while installing it with the other (I’m not sure if anyone could do it with just one set of hands).

This is the light that was in the room originally. (Also, hello 1980 mauve walls!) There was nothing especially wrong with this light, and I thought of a million ways to spiff up the paper lantern with crafty tricks, but in the end, it just felt like no matter what I did, it wouldn’t have the polished look I was going for. Meanwhile, I had my eye on the Finn Chandelier at West Elm, and when it finally went on sale, I pounced.

I’m so glad I did, because I just lurve it. I love that it’s big, yet spindly so it doesn’t overpower the room. I love that it has mobile-like qualities, and that it looks vintage and modern at the same time.

I used globe light bulbs but will probably switch them out for different styles in the future, which will be an easy way to give this piece a new look. Chrome-covered bulbs will look really great I think.

It plays so nicely with the Marimekko wallpaper in the hallway too.

PS: This fixture is still on sale at West Elm, at a really, really great price!

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  • Arlene

    Brett, the chandelier looks great. Your whole apartment is looking awesome. See you soon :D

  • Christina

    Your home is really taking on a new look. You are definitely leaving an artistic mark and making it your own. I anticipate the next change and addition.

  • Deja Chick

    I love that light fixture! I have been shopping for something for my over my dinner table, I think this example is very close to what I have in mind.

  • Jen

    Your apartment is really looking great! Inspiring to see.

  • julia @ the BackLoop

    uggg. I get so overwhelmed when I go light fixture shopping. There are so many choices. I suppose it would be much easier if I already have in mind they style that I want. …but there are so my stylish and functional choices. Ok – I’m being ridiculous; complaining about having too many choices :-\

  • Amanda

    Wow, your dining room has come together so beautifully! That chandelier is just the right thing. It’s very inspiring to watch your progress. By the way, I just purchased Sewing in a Straight Line after checking it out from the library. I’m so excited get started. :)

  • Patti S.

    You really are a talented lady! Your apartment looks fabulous!

  • A. Kath

    OMG…Simply G. I am so impressed with your electrical work, it looks great. Now, I have a few wall switches that need replaced, still not done since you were here for your birthday.

  • Richard M.

    Chrome would really bump up the flying saucers look. I’ve got one of these faceted jobbies in a hallway – – it casts a perty pattern all around. Maybe mix it up with one of each – a white, a chrome, and a faceted?

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