hiding the ugly window: part 1

I wrote in my recent decorating my living room post about the unfortunate diamond-shaped glass block window in my otherwise lovely apartment. Well, what I didn’t mention in that post is that the same window is also present in my dining room–yes, it’s an interior window, a window to nowhere, a big ugly eyesore that serves no actual window function! The rooms don’t even need the light, they both have plenty of real windows which provide real light. The existence of this window is truly a glass-block mystery.

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve stared at this window in dismay, followed by shaking my fists at the heavens and asking why the decorating gods must smite me so–I’d have the fancy apartment of my dreams. Alas, I do not have have said nickels, so I’ve come up with an alternate fix for this unfortunate situation: Cover. That. Mess. Up.

And so, voila! I made a big quilt to hang on the wall over the unfortunate window. I think it’s not too bad!

I mean, look at that before shot again. Shudder.

Ah. So much better.

And I added that kooky hot pink light fixture, which was also a DIY project–I’ll post a how-to on that next week.  I like how the quilt plays nicely with my chandelier too. (By the way, the white version of this chandelier is still available at West Elm, on sale for a crazy $110. Somebody go buy it!)

This is a really, really easy quilt to make and would be a great beginner project for anyone who wants to try quilting. I made the whole thing in about two afternoons, using all leftover fabrics I had hanging around–so I was able to create large-scale wall art for just about no money. Love that.

I’ll be posting a tutorial for this quilt, as well as for the neon light fixture, next week–so stop back!

PS: A random detail shot. A framed butterfly from Puerto Rico, creepy boy head from Etsy, and one of my terrariums on a cake plate.

PPS: I don’t think this post would be complete without taking a walk down memory lane to my last apartment, where I covered up that insane 3-D mosaic in the kitchen with pegboard. Fellow renters, don’t dismay! There is no “design feature” so terrible that it can’t be fixed by Covering. That. Mess. Up!

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  • Mary

    Oh my, the quilt is just lovely!!! I’ve always wanted to do one, but it scares the bejeebers out of me! I’ll knit, I’ll cross stitch, I’ll crochet……quilt? Horrors!
    I love your place Brett, it’s gorgeous. You do wonderful DIY things! Keep on keepin’ on.
    An east coast fan from Maine,

  • Karen M

    Wow I am so impressed with the quilt – 2 afternoons!!!! Did you hand quilt or machine quilt? I am looking forward to your tutorial!

    Love your blog, you are an inspiration. Please keep posting!


  • Lisa

    Love it, it’s perfect…really brought the room together. I sure would like to see your kitchen.

  • Karen

    Love the quilt–when you did the small ones I thought they were big and was a bit disappointed when i realized they were small. But this one–WOW. A great cover up for that weird window thing!

  • http://lovelykensie.com Jamie

    Did you visit Puerto Rico?? :)

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