dining room curtains!

You guys, I feel like I just ran a marathon. Or climbed a mountain, or cooked a 17-course dinner, or… something else really, really hard. But you know what? I did something harder than all those things. I SEWED MY DINING ROOM CURTAINS. For reals.

After avoiding it for as long as I possibly could, I finally bit the bullet this weekend, and transformed this:

…into this:


Curtains really aren’t hard to sew, but something about these curtains kicked my butt. Probably because there are four panels, and they’re really long, and I had to be a hero and line them and pleat them and put weights in the bottoms… and it just starts to make you cranky after a while, wrestling with such big pieces of fabric. But hey, I finally finished them, and I feel like a got a yoga workout in the process.

Seriously though, I hate to be all negative because I would never want to discourage any of you from sewing your own curtains (because, really, you should sew some curtains! You can do it! It’s really very easy!). I think I had a hard time with these because I didn’t quite have enough space to spread out the big pieces of fabric, so I ended up squished on the floor of my sewing room, knocking over the ironing board and banging my head on my desk chair every time I moved around the giant pieces of fabric, and my patience wore thin. The next time I do such a large-scale sewing project I will take the extra time to move some furniture and clear out a room so I can work more comfortably. Lesson learned! Haste makes waste, and all that.

Anyway, that’s all in the past, and now I have four big, beautiful curtain panels for my dining room. Hooray!

They have pleats!

They’re long! They’re nice with the carpet! It’s amazing how carpet and curtains really start to make a house feel like a home. Instant coziness.

The fabric is from the Habitat line by Jay McCarroll for Free Spirit fabrics.

It’s from the same line as the fabric I used to cover my chairs. What can I say, I have a big fabric crush on that Jay McCarroll. (Project Runway Season 1 winner, in case you don’t recognize the name!)

By the way, I’m told this line isn’t going to be stocked much longer, so if you like it, grab it now! I got mine from the wonderful Etsy shop Found Fabrics.

Yay for curtains, yay for finished projects! Up next, maybe some spring and summer dresses? A girl can dream.

PS: the artwork is a 20×200 print by artist Jessica Snow.

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  • http://www.makermama.com/2012/03/week-in-photos.html?m=1 Amy Johnson

    They look gorgeous! And the pleats were well worth it! With all the cutting of fabric, pinning, and hunching over your machine, sewing can be a feat by itself, let alone working with giant curtain panels! I added some blackout liners to some curtains once and it was work getting everything lined up! But you’ve inspired me to want to make my own–it is just a straight line afterall, isn’t it? :)

  • reina

    You have a beautiest of a home and you are such an inspiration to me. You do the do!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.foundbymarie.com Marie Williams

    Brett! they turned out gorgeous! i know exactly what you went through to complete these beauties, having wrestled with several large scale projects myself in a modest sized sewing room:)
    thanks so much for sharing the finished product. they really are lovely.


  • http://littleolivebranch.blogspot.com ruth

    these came out great! and i looove habitat!

  • http://createfromscratch.wordpress.com Paula H

    Love the textural look of the fabric. One question: Did you make pleats on your own or use one of those pleating tapes? A few years back I used pleating tape (given my limited sewing skills it seemed like a good idea) but found it incredibly frustrating due to badly-translated instructions that made no sense.

    • Brett

      hey Paula! I used pleating tape. Mine was easy to use once I gathered all the right supplies… I’ll try to do a tutorial on it soon! xoxo Brett

  • http://www.jaymccarroll.com jay mccarroll

    wow! these look great! i am honored to have my designs hanging on your walls (and underneath your tush for that matter). ha! ps: my new line is coming out in a few months. i think you are going to love it! be sure to check it out! continued success!

  • http://misscrayolacreepy.blogspot.com/ Miss Crayola Creepy

    Do you have any tips for making curtains like yours? They look great!

  • Mom

    Brett, The curtains are beautiful. The fabric looks great in your dining room. Awesome job!!!!!!

  • Tina C.

    Hey — i just made some curtains too!! only 3 panels but 2 different lengths cause of the radiator in front of one window. but with black-out lining, and grommets for the top. i know — finally done and done!!

  • hana

    Brett: These are fantastic. I know you’ve done an entry on Design Sponge about curtains, but these looks little different from those. Do you have a curtain section in your book?

  • http://www.lifeplusrunning.com Calee (@chimes)

    eeeeeek. that’s my favorite fabric line EVER. I’m in love.

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