catlady fridays: fifi’s new chair

Fifi has a new chair. I thought *I* had a new chair, but as it turns out, the owner of this new chair is, in fact, one Miss Fifi FluffyFace.

See, Fifi never sits on the furniture (except for the bed). She just isn’t interested in it. But the day I brought this chair home, she immediately hopped up on it like it was meant for her. I took one look and realized it was meant for her. If ever a chair was just made for a Persian cat, this is it, right? I wouldn’t be surprised if I looked in a history of furniture design book and learned that this particular type of chair is known as a Fainting Couch for Persian Cats.

According to Fifi, it’s just perfect for catching up on her beauty sleep…

…basking in the golden glow of sunset…

…or just simply relaxing and allowing others to admire her.

About the chair. I found it earlier this week at an antique store, somehow miraculously wedged it into my Zipcar, and brought it home. I’ve been looking for something ultra-ornate-antiquey like this so that I can give it a makeover with a really interesting modern fabric – kind of something like this. Oh, and learn upholstery in the process. I don’t know if this will be a really difficult beginner upholstery project or not, but it wasn’t expensive so I figured what the heck, I’ll try. I’ve got several (ahem) other projects in the queue before I can start on this chair, but hopefully I’ll be able to work on it over the winter.

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  • Julie

    I just love the pictures you get of your cat. She is so photogenic. Glad to see she has a new fancy chair.

  • Alli

    That is such a cute chair! And Fifi looks adorable in it!

  • Yan

    I’d love to learn upholstery at the same time as you! I have an old little English parlour chair and one American antique-y rocking chair that I would love to learn to reupholster. I think I’ll take off the old covers and use the pieces as templates and make a prototype from muslin before I use a really “modern” fabric. Please let me know when you’re going to start. I love all the things you do. Just today I made a pillow cover and put in the zipper the way you did in your book tutorial. EASY!!
    Miss Fifi looks so regal.

  • Veronica

    Oh! I was just going to say how much I loved the chair the way it is, but choosing new fabric for furniture is always fun. But I must say, it looks like your little Persian friend might not be willing to give it up for as long as a facelift would require! And yeah, that looks like kind of a tricky project for the first time, but I can only assume you will be excellent at reupholstering furniture like you are with all other fabric-related endeavors.

  • lorraine

    i swear your kitty was a 50′s starlet in another life..the picture of her conked out on the stack of your books made me lol…i think you got yourself a tall upholstery order..its a lot of tufting and pleating..heres a super tutorial on how to do it… ….i cant wait to see the fabric you choose for it! i know it will be super

  • Shelly Stone

    I embrace your enthusiasm for reupholstering that chair! I once had a fainting couch that was tufted and had the idea to give it a facelift…I bit off more than I could chew. You…on the other hand…I have no doubts about! Can’t wait to see it! Oh, and I LOVE the hot pink walls in the background ;)

  • Tiffany

    I almost fell over when I saw this chair!!! I love it !!!

  • Peaches

    Oh dear me, that’s a Fifi chair if I ever saw one! My kitty is going to be soooooo jealous.

  • hana

    Your cat is so freaking cute!

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