saturday night pumpkins

This weekend’s pumpkin carving party, NYC-style: a warm fall night on a terrace on the Lower East Side, overlooking the Williamsburg Bridge. I made the tall evil guy second from the right. But my favorite is the lopsided shark on the far left–made by an adult man who had never carved a jack o’lantern before in his life. (HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE.)

After the pumpkins were carved to perfection we grilled steaks, sipped cocktails and ate warm apple crisp for dessert. And it was just the right temperature for a sweater and some hand-knit/crocheted accessories. All in all, a perfect fall evening in the city. *Sigh!*


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  • Richard M.

    Good golly – get your grisly grinning gourd to higher ground! Sincerely secure your safety from Sandy’s surge! Sadly, Sunday in my state citizens saw snow :-(

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