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These gigantic paper blooms on my dining table were a souvenir from a visit to my friend Drew (The Crochet Dude)’s house last year, where he used dozens of them to decorate for a Mexican-themed party he hosted. He bought them at a Mexican market in Houston, where they were sold flattened and rolled up, and he had so many of them left after the party that he let me take a few home (they rolled right back up and traveled in my suitcase very well).

Well, Drew was way ahead of the curve on this one because suddenly paper flower DIYs are everywhere. Even though I didn’t make my paper flowers myself, they are a super cool room accent which get tons of compliments, and combined with all the DIYs I’ve been seeing, I’m suddenly obsessed with making some of my own. Something about this project is just so yummy–I thought I’d share some paper flower how-to’s I came across elsewhere and spread the inspiration:

Design Sponge recently featured a tutorial for these insane oversized flowers, which were created by the (clearly brilliant) team at the beautiful shop Ruche. The instructions for these particular flowers are a bit more complicated, involving chicken wire and cups filled with cement and such, but the resulting flowers are amazing and would be worth the effort for a special event or for a semi-permanent room accent.

For something a little more simple but still extremely gorgeous, over on the Martha Stewart site there’s a great video showing how to get your paper flower on. The video is really worth a look, they break the process down into easy steps and also provide free templates for the petals and leaves. These flowers are much more basic and really only involve crepe paper, wire and floral tape, and seem very much like something you could do while watching movies, once you get the hang of it.

And over at Curbly there’s a good little round-up of some more styles of paper flower tutorials, so check those out too.

Of course, good quality, beautiful-colored crepe paper will be essential for this project. Check out this shop for what looks like a mouth-watering selection of double-sided crepe paper. I need every single color. Obviously.

I think I feel a paper-flower-making party in my future…

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  • Emily

    These are beauties! I was hoping you’d tell us something about them after I saw them in the pics of your curtains the other day. :)

  • Haley Zimmerman

    Perfect timing! My 2nd grader is creating a flower shop in her Spanish class. I came to your blog today to search for making paper flowers – lol! Have a great day :)

  • Melissa

    I was wondering if you could ask Drew where he found them. I live in Houston and have been making crepe paper flowers for a Cinco de Mayo party, but it would be great to go get a bunch of these to have various shapes and sizes!

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