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I’m very excited today to be a guest blogger over at Yolo Colorhouse (a great indie paint company that’s all about being good for the environment and doing good things in the world). Yolo is sponsoring a fantastic series this week, Color Your Life, where they’ve invited five different bloggers to post each day of the week and talk about how color impacts their work.

The really great part of this is that for every comment my post receives on the Yolo blog, Yolo will donate $1 to the non-profit of my choice. My post will be raising funds for a NYC-based non-profit called Sinergia. I learned about Sinergia recently when I met a cool, crafty gal who is an arts teacher there. She spends her days teaching mentally disabled adults to do various crafts and arts, which they then sell at crafts fairs throughout the year.

I was so touched when I met her and learned about their program, because their work really hit home for me in a couple different ways. First, I believe so strongly that creative work can truly impact our lives and give us a very real sense of accomplishment, pride, and meaning. I think everyone should incorporate creativity into their lives in some way, and that it truly makes us better people. Second, I grew up with an uncle, Uncle John, who was mentally challenged (he had Down’s Syndrome). He was a very close member of our nuclear family and, well, he meant a lot to us. I grew up seeing how hard he worked to have the best life he could, just like we all do, but of course it was harder for him in many ways. For that reason I’m always drawn to organizations that help to improve the lives of mentally challenged adults.

One of my favorite old photos, of my two brothers, Uncle John and me–coloring. He loved to color with us when we were little and just to spend time with us doing whatever we wanted. When I grew up and moved to New York, he loved to tell me that if I ever needed anything, ever, to just call him and he’d do anything for me. He was truly a sweetheart.

So! Please click over to the Yolo blog to check out my post, and please take a moment to leave a comment to raise money for Sinergia, to help them in all they do to improve lives with creativity. Thank you so much! xoxo

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  • Vicki

    I take it from the way you refer to him that your Uncle John is no longer with you. My oldest grandson was born with Down Syndrome 11 years ago. He is such a sweet child, and fills our hearts with love. He is giving and warm, and always concerned with how everyone is doing. I thinks the universe provides some of us with these special people as a gift – I know he sure is a gift to us.

    • Brett

      Vicki, I can’t believe that all these years we never knew we each had a family member with Down’s! Your grandson sounds very sweet, from what you say he reminds me of my uncle’s disposition as well. Uncle John was very kind & loving & funny. He passed away about four years ago… we have many family stories and jokes that we remember about him often!

  • Tagati

    How nice that your uncle was part of your family. I have friends who placed their mentally challenged children in institutions and never mentioned their names again.

    What wonderful memories you must have of that special soul.


  • Erin

    Thanks so much, Brett! We appreciate your support as well as your book that you sent us. We are on our third straight-stitched sewing project already!

    Much love,

    Erin and the Day Hab Artists at Sinergia

  • Debra Lee

    I’ll make comments all day long for a good cause!

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