chalkboard eggs

In keeping with my theme of Ukrainian-inspired eggs, I couldn’t resist this: chalkboard eggs! All it takes is some chalkboard paint and some chalk markers, and you can go wild creating bright, vivid designs on a black background. Very reminiscent of Ukrainian eggs (or Pysanky), for about 5% of the effort. Win!

Look I made a gif! As you can see here through the wonders of technology, you can just doodle away on these eggs, and if you don’t like what you’ve drawn–wipe it off and start over!

I just love a black Easter egg, what can I say.

This is an insanely easy project. To start, get yourself some chalkboard paint, a brush, and some eggs. (You can use hard-boiled eggs, and eat them later, or blow out the eggs and just paint the shells.)

And just paint ‘em up.

The eggs need 2-3 coats of paint to get full coverage. I found that the most difficult part of this project was stopping the wet-paint eggs from rolling around, so I made these little trays out of aluminum foil, which kept the little buggers in place. (I didn’t like using the egg carton to hold the wet eggs because the compartments are a bit too deep, making it hard to paint the center area of the eggs.)

Once your chalkboard paint is dry, just start drawing away. I liked using wet chalk markers, which are super vivid and really pop against the black paint. (To fully erase the chalk marker, I find that glass cleaner and a paper towel does the trick, and leaves no shadow of the original marks.)

But you can totally use old-fashioned chalk, too! This would probably be better for little kids, if you’ve got any of those helping you with this project.(I did find that regular chalk tends to leave a slight shadow after erasing, though.)

Chalkboard eggs! Easy, quick, fun and no commitment. What’s better than that?

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  • fangaroni

    This is insanely awesome! Who whudathunk it? Thanks for sharing

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  • Kimberly Smith

    Can you really eat them if hard boiled? I would think the paint might be toxic and egg shells are porous so paint does get through the shell.

  • liz

    paint on eggs….sounds yummy!

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