catlady fridays: fur factor update

Fifi’s fur is growing back out, right on schedule–I’d say she’s about a 4 on the Fur Factor Scale at the moment–and she is so stinkin’ cute at this stage. She still has her awesome little lion tail but her coat makes her looks like a sheep… kinda wavy, and very thick, and very adorable. Really, I don’t know how I get any work done with this creature in my house.

Happy Friday, all! xoxo Brett & Fifi


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  • Amanda

    I love photos of Fifi! She is a gorgeous kitty and very lucky to be cared for by such a great owner. This sounds silly but after working at a vet clinic and seeing my fair share of maine coons that come in covered in mats (because their owners didn’t realize you need to brush and groom a long haired cat?!) it makes me happy to see a cat that is so obviously brushed and well taken care of. :)

    • Brett

      Thank you Amanda! I love grooming Fifi, I find it very soothing – like brushing My Little Ponies when I was little! ha!

  • maryse

    fifi is fantastic. such a pretty kitty,

  • Christina

    Love Fifi, she’s the most beautiful cat ever.

  • Richard M.

    New Fall Coats – Half… On?

  • Jo Harper

    Isn’t it amazing how fast it grows back? My cats were last shaved in June and you can’t even tell at this point. Fifi looks great!

  • Michelle St. Paul

    Fifi is so cute!! I’ve now gone back and read at a majority of the “Catlady Fridays” posts! I know you’ve probably been asked this many times and perhaps some other readers can also answer this: what type (breed) of cat is Fifi?


    • Brett

      Thanks Michelle! Fifi is a Persian. I adopted her as a young adult; she’s a retired breeder mama cat!

  • http://JenKimMade Jen Kim

    she is amazing! never anything wrong with being a catlady, from one to another xo

    • Brett

      catladies unite!! xo Brett

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