ukrainian egg cookies

This year my Ukrainian egg obsession merged with my desserts obsession… and Ukrainian egg cut-out cookies were born!

A few points to share:

*Black icing is pretty gnarly. You need to add like two whole containers of black food coloring to get a really black frosting, and by that point it tastes too bitter to eat. So in the future, I’d make a few cookies in black for display, then make more with different-colored backgrounds to actually eat.

*I used royal icing for these, and a #1 tip for the piping. (I don’t own enough #1 tips for all of the colors I was using, so some of the colors were done in #2 and #3 tips, and I think those look too heavy. I’ll definitely stock up on #1s next time I’m at the baking store.)

*I’ll share my recipes for royal icing and cut-out cookies and how-to’s in another post… I’m rushing to finish some deadlines but wanted to share these photos before Easter passes me by! Hoppity hop!

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  • Paula H

    Sometimes obsessions can lead to good things – like these cookies. They’re beautiful! I wish I were so adept with pastry bags. I end up with a big mess whenever I try to pipe anything.

    Have you tried making the black icing by starting with a chocolate/cocoa icing? It might not need as much food coloring as white icing does to achieve the deep black color. Sort of like using tinted primer when painting.

  • Mom

    The cookies are so beautiful, they look just like Ukrainian eggs. Wondeful idea, awesome work!!! :D

  • Halliday

    Beautiful cookies Brett! They are almost too pretty to eat!

  • Elizabeth B

    Gorgeous! I was going to ask about black icing. Whenever it’s “needed” we always use chocolate instead. I just occurred to me, has any one ever tried mixing back dye into chocolate icing? Then I saw the first comment. Would that actually work?

  • Vicki B

    I agree with others, and I actually thought the icing WAS chocolate. I know having a brown background takes away slightly from the Ukranian feel, but it sure would taste better than the black, yes? And maybe it could be made black with a lot less food coloring than starting with regular royal frosting? We’ll all anxiously await your experimentation … LOL! And did I say that these are gorgeous and almost too pretty to eat?

  • Rose

    Super cool. Love them on the stripe tray!

  • Rachel Faucett

    I love your amazing Ukrainian egg cookies. I just pinned them on Babble!:)
    Have a great Easter! XO Really Amazing!

  • Liberty Hall

    I was going to post about the chocolate icing too, I have done this, made chocolatecryal icing by mixing in a little cocoa made liquid with boiling water then added black food colouring. You get black icing which tastes good, yay!

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  • Kelly

    When I took cake decorating classes at Wilton, we were told to use chocolate icing and black food coloring if we wanted black decorations. One of the women in my class made her final wedding cake project in black and turquoise, so we saw that it works out really well without becoming bitter. There was a recipe for chocolate royal icing floating around Pinterest a couple of weeks ago, btw.

  • Dawn H

    Thanks for sharing!

    I agree with the poster above about starting with a chocolate icing when going for black (or brown)…just add cocoa & some extra liquid as necessary to maintain consistency. should help to use less of the black coloring.

    Love the cookies!!! it’s not only kids that like to color easter eggs…

  • Stacie

    We just bought Polish “pisanki” at Bozek’s in Sterling Heights. The backgrounds are yellow, red and black. So these cookies can be both Polish or Ukrainian depending on the background!

  • CraftyCanuck

    A trick I learned from years of cookie decorating, instead of adding so much black gel, add sifted cocoa powder instead. It helps darken the icing and it tastes great!

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