Brett Bara is a New York-based author, television host, blogger and designer, specializing in sewing, modern crafts, desserts, and DIY decor.

She is the founder of Brooklyn Craft Company, a modern craft and DIY studio offering classes and events in subjects ranging from sewing and needlework to terrariums, jewelry, food and anything you can make with your own two hands. She’s also the creator of Brooklyn Craft Camp, an event series that combines stylish craft workshops with great food, good music, and a DIY party atmosphere.

Brett is the author of the book Sewing in a Straight Line and creator of the blog Manhattan Craft Room, as well as host of the Emmy-nominated television series Knit & Crochet Now. She also writes a regular sewing column, Sewing 101, for the popular blog Design Sponge.

The former Editor in Chief of Crochet Today magazine, Brett has over 10 years’ experience in print magazines. She previously worked as a craft editor at Woman’s Day Special Interest Publications, and her writing has appeared in magazines including Marie Claire, Details, Stuff, Men’s Health, Mademoiselle and Prevention. She is the co-author of the cookbook Sweet Serendipity (Rizzoli, 2004).

Brett now works independently as a writer, designer, television personality, spokesperson and consultant in the craft and DIY (do-it-yourself) community. Her client list features major international brands including Coats & Clark, Simplicity Creative Group, Singer, Land’s End and Kraft Foods.

Brett has appeared on The Martha Stewart Show, The CBS Early Show, ShopNBC, and numerous local network affiliates. She has been featured as a craft expert in The Wall Street Journal, Etsy.com, ABCNews,com, The Associated Press and LifetimeTV.com. In addition, Brett was the spokesperson for the 2010 Land’s End FeelGood Campaign, representing the campaign in the media and helping to connect crafters with a charitable cause.

Contact brett at hello [at] brettbara [dot] com.



OB-YQ230_nycraf_G_20130822145325photo credit: Andrew Hinderaker for The Wall Street Journal


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  • Nancy Coriaty

    Hi Brett,
    My name is Nancy Coriaty and I am the Deputy Town Librarian, Fairfield Public Library, Fairfield, Ct. I tried your email address hello@brettbara.com but my email was returned. We have had an active knitting and crochet group, here for the last several years. We have about 35 people who have come one time or another. It’s been a wonderful group, and as you know knitting and crocheting, like libraries brings people together who many have never met otherwise. We also host the American Sewing Guild/Fairfield Chapter once a month here. The Knitting Guild meets at another local library once a month. So we are rich in fiber!

    I first became acquainted with you on the first season of Knit and Crochet Today and even bought the first season video. We have also purchased your new book for the library.

    I am organizing a Fiber Arts Festival on Saturday, November 5th and am looking for a keynote speaker. Would you be interested? I’d like someone to speak on patterns, how they are developed and tested, as well as any other anecdotal information. You have so many talents and can speak about so many fiber topics. Many of the people in my knitting group watch your knitting show on our Create TV channel so they are aware who you are. We hope to have demonstrations of weavers, quilting, sewing alterations, spinning, and yarn dying.

    I would be thrilled if you would be able to participate.
    Please let me know,

    Nancy Coriaty
    Deputy Town Librarian
    Fairfield Woods Branch
    1147 Fairfield Woods Road
    Fairfield, Ct. 06825

  • Richard Bailey

    Dear Brett- I just recently discovered your show on pbs here in Jacksonville Fl. In the 1970′s and 80′s I made handmade leather goods for a living so I can somewhat relate to you although I don’t have a clue about kniting, etc., etc. even though you make it look so easy. But the reason I’m writing you is because I’m baffled to the hilt as to why you don’t have a ring on your finger. To be honest there is not one woman in Hollywood that I’ve ever seen in my lifetime that even remotely looks as good as you do. I am currently a Christian singer/songwriter and would like very much to write a song about you with your permission of course. Thanks and keep up the great work! R. Bailey

  • Diane

    Brett, thanks for the wonderful sharing of skills. Your way of putting in a zipper is one of my great moments of 2011!
    Thanks for all you do. Just purchased your book SEWING IN A STRAIGHT LINE and watch you on Create TV.
    I’m in Manhattan and have checked out your fabric sources in NYC. I’d love to email you about some other fabric/sewing sources I’ve discovered in NYC and online. I’m just getting into sewing which is great because I love fabric and now am figuring out what to do with it. Thanks again.

  • Vester Skiles

    Hi Brett, Just saw your show this morning for 1st. time and was astounded by your beauty and personality. I pride myself on being able to spot talent and potential stars. I saw tremendous talent and definate star potential. I sincerely believe you can be a star if that is what you want, and indeed you are already on your way with the crafts show. Please keep it coming.
    Vester W. Skiles

  • Kristian Tarro

    Dear Brett, I came across your show,one morning,not long ago,home with a rib injury… Really think you are amazing Lady!
    May I please,simply ask if you are by chance,Single!!! ? Would really be nice to know!
    If you happen to read this,,,,thanks so mutch for taking the time,as well as your wonderfully Awesome dissposition…
    I would so love to know you….

    Respectfully; Kristian Tarro

  • http://redlovinpixie.blogspot.com Ginny

    Hi Brett
    I came across you from the Brooklyn Craft Camp website yesterday. I think it is an amazing idea and only wished I lived in New York instead of LA. I am in the process of starting up my own blog and I am looking to do a section on interviews of people who inspire me. Seeing the Brooklyn Craft Camp has got me thinking about how I could potentially get something started like that over here. I would love to have the chance to ask you a few questions on how Craft Camp was created.
    Many thanks

    • Brett

      Hi Ginny, congrats on your new blog! I’d be happy to answer questions, feel free to email me at hello {at} brettbara {dot} com. thanks! :)

  • Roslyn

    Dear Brett,
    I was wondering if I am doing something wrong or if there is an error for the hat band on page 11 in the book “Clever Crocheted Accessories?” Please let me know, so that either I will continue to try to make it workor maybe there has been a typo. Thank You, Roslyn Gomez

    • Brett

      hi Roslyn! To my knowledge, I don’t think there is an error in the band for that hat. If you’re having trouble, check out the designer Ellen Gormley’s blog where she hosted a crochet-along for that hat, you may find some tips: http://gocrochet.blogspot.com/search/label/Saturday%20Beret%20CAL
      Good luck! I made that hat myself and I wear it a lot! :)